Scottish Water is undertaking a major Meter Replacement Programme starting in April 2015 and running for 6 years, which will exchange or upgrade 61,000 meters across Scotland.

The aim of the programme is to improve and update meters, and improve data quality for customers, Scottish Water and Licensed Providers.

Scottish Water will notify the customer’s Licensed Provider 40 days before work begins on-site, and again 5 days before work begins. Where Castle Water receives notification from Scottish Water, we will notify the customer by the end of the following business day.

Customers can inform Scottish Water via Castle Water of access issues, such as opening hours, access requirements, and continuous supply arrangements. If Scottish Water’s proposed dates are not workable, customers should inform Castle Water as soon as possible, who will liaise with Scottish Water on their behalf.

For some customers, meter replacement will provide the opportunity to change or upgrade their meter size or specification: if a meter is currently the wrong size (leading to over-charging); or if the customer would benefit from installation of a “smart” meter (ie, with integrated automatic meter reading). Castle Water will be happy to discuss options to change or upgrade meters as part of this programme, and depending on circumstances may pay for additional costs to install smart metering or automatic meter reading equipment. Circumstances where an upgraded meter should be considered would include high water usage, remote location, or frequent significant water leakage.

Scottish Water will commence trialling this project from 1 April, and from 1 July will roll it out by postcode across Scotland.