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Account Number

This is a unique number for your account. You need this reference number if you wish to discuss your account with us.

Bill Print Date

This is the date your tax invoice was raised.

Statement number

If you receive multiple invoices, this number helps you to identify each one.

Payments/ Credits Received

This shows any payments that you have made and debit/credit notes that have been applied to your account.

Balance b/f

Balance brought forward is the current balance on your account before the charges from your new invoice have been applied.

Your Water Charges

These charges are for the supply of clean, fresh water to your business. As you have a water meter, this charge is based on your measured water use. This charge varies depending on how much water your business uses over time and may be reduced by using water saving measures. If your property is unmetered other charges will be in line with your tariff.

Your Wastewater Charges

Wastewater charges apply for all properties which are connected to a sewer, this includes services for any sewerage or wastage from the property including surface water and highway drainage. If your property only has surface water drainage, rate-based wastewater charges are not payable. However, a fixed fee will be charged.

Account Balance

This is the charge for the current invoice period plus any balances brought forward.


A measured account's tariff is pre-determined by the wholesaler and is based on the historical usage associated with the SPID(s). The tariff is based on the amount of water you use, the volume of wastewater you discharge into sewers and if you have a Trade Effluent Consent or agreement, the strength of discharge.

Business Assessed
Assessed charging is based on 2 factors: i) Assessed Chargeable Meter Size - Again, pre determined by the wholesale based on historical data.
ii) Assessed Volume - Value calculated based on no of employees and property banding as highlighted on retail SOC.

Unmeasured water usage charges relate to the rateable value of your premise based on a predetermined tariff. In addition, your fixed water/waste (where applicable) charges are based on your pipe size.

Waste Only Customers
Meter readings are supplied by your water wholesaler. The charges for waste only are determined by water consumption provided by your water retailer.

Supply Point ID

The Supply Point ID (SPID) is your property reference number. Generally you will have one or two SPIDs per site. One is for your water connection (W) and one is for your waste connection (S).

Premise Address

Under the Supply Point ID you will find the supply address for your business.


This is the serial number specific to your meter.


We use a tariff to calculate your charges. For more information on tariffs visit

Phy/Char Size (mm)

Phy refers to the physical size of your meter and, whilst shown, it is not used in any calculations on your invoice. It is for reference only. Char relates to the chargeable size. Your bill is calculated based on the chargeable size provided by the Wholesaler.

Meter Reads

Meter reads are used to calculate the likely Average Daily Consumption for the period of your invoice. Last actual meter read: is the last meter reading provided to us. Previous actual meter read: is the meter reading previous to the one provided to us. Did you know? You can submit meter readings via our website at

Advance (m3)

This is a measure of the consumption of water you have used between your current actual meter read and your previous actual meter read.


This is your Average Daily Consumption (m3) and is calculated using the Advanced (m3) divided by the number of days between your last actual meter read and your previous actual meter read.




This is the Return to Sewer Allowance. The Majority of customers return 100% of water used, back into the sewer. However there can be a difference between the amount of water you use and the amount of wastewater you actually return to the sewer system and this can show as a reduced percentage (RSA%). If you have a RSA% deduction this will be taken from your ADC. For example if you have a RSA of 95% and an ADC of 0.1187 this will decrease the ADC to 0.1128 when calculating the usage. A RSA deduction will have a direct impact on the consumption (m3) and in the ‘Volumetric waste’ section, the new deducted figure will be reflected and used to work out your charges.

Fixed Water Charges

Fixed water charges are based on the retail tariff rate. More information can be found on the retail tariff rate at

Fixed Waste Charges

Fixed waste charges are applied to all properties for the maintenance of external pipes and pumps that supply water to your property plus the removal of wastewater from the property. Fixed waste charges are based on the retail tariff rate and the sewerage chargeable size of your meter. n/a = retail rate charge Numerical Value = sewerage chargeable size

Pipe Size charges

Fixed pipe size charges are applied to all properties based on the size of the chargeable meter/pipe that services your property.

Volumetric Water/ Waste Charges

These charges are based on the volume of water used by your business and the volume of wastewater disposed of down your drains i.e. sewer waste

Threshold (m3)

The charge threshold is a meter fixed charge based on your consumption band. Your consumption band is set by your water wholesaler.

Consumption on (m3)

This is calculated by the Average Daily Consumption x number of days this current invoice relates to (the number of days is also shown under calculations on the same line)

Supplementary Charges

Theses charges apply to large water users i.e. if the threshold is over 20,000M3 for water and 100,00M3 for wastewater.


This shows the break down of the tariff rate x Average Daily Consumption x number of days this current invoice relates to


If you are liable for VAT, this is only applicable to your water charges and not your wastewater charges. Z (Zero), S (Standard). HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) requires us to ensure that we are correctly charging VAT on water services. It is possible that we will not have to charge VAT on your water services, but to confirm your position, please download and send us a completed Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) form. We are unable to make an assessment of your position without your completed form. If you do not return this form, we are required by HMRC to charge VAT by default on your water services. You can find the SIC form and further information on VAT charges at under Payment Info.