Our top tips for taking a meter reading

We require a meter reading for your business premises so that we can bill your account accurately. Follow our top tips below for how to take a meter reading safely and correctly.

Tip no.1

You should only attempt to read your meter if you are confident that the location is safe, and that taking a reading is not considered to be a health and safety issue.

Tip no.2

If the display is hard to see, reach inside the chamber lid with a mobile phone camera and take a picture.

Tip no.3

If the chamber is flooded, contact us at metering@castlewater.co.uk and we’ll arrange one of our engineers to visit your business premises.

Tip no.4

If the glass display is dirty or fogged up, use a sponge on a sturdy stick to clean the glass.

Tip no.5

When submitting a meter reading, please send us the black digits only. In this example the meter reading is ‘0270’.


If you are in doubt about the location of your meter, please email us at metering@castlewater.co.uk.

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