Unlike most areas of food and drink where wastewater management is easy to assess and control, dairy wastewater treatment has several variables at play. This can make things difficult for those in the food & drinks manufacturing industry.

When dairy products are produced, especially when looking at pasteurisation and associated processes, biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and the level of fat and by-products created need to be kept in check before spiralling out of control. Let things slip, and costs can quickly ramp up.

Castle Water is helping UK based dairy manufacturers and those involved in dairy industry wastewater treatment, providing the means to keep waste levels in check and decrease operational costs over time.

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Why choose Castle Water?

Castle Water is the UK’s highest-rated water retailer. Customers trust us when it comes to helping with water services within specific niches like the dairy industry.

The experience we can provide with dairy wastewater treatment can help reduce costs and helps with the likes of product loss and environmental auditing.

Companies in the dairy industry are coming to Castle Water for help when they want to avoid wastage. We help businesses in:

  • meeting environmental standards.
  • ensuring processes fall in line with ever-evolving regulation.
  • finding opportunities to optimise water usage in the product chain.
  • planning out suitable programmes based on effluents.
  • looking at general water use.

If trade effluent is a particular area of concern, please visit our trade effluent page for helpful information.

Our dairy wastewater treatment service

Castle Water matches customers with our network of specialist partners who know precisely how to tailor facilities which would be deemed as having precise dairy wastewater characteristics. Their advice is crucial when it comes to essential operations like:

  • Balancing BOD output
  • Ensuring minimal product loss
  • Improving wastewater management at discharge points
  • Optimising the existing effluent treatment system where possible

Wastewater treatment for farms

Some customers with dairy production facilities may be looking to improve operations as a whole. This is something Castle Water can help with, especially when considering elements like filtration and environmental auditing. Please visit our agriculture wastewater treatment page for more information.

Analysing dairy wastewater characteristics

Castle Water specialist partners work best when homing in on areas in the production line; areas usually overlooked or have problems hiding in plain sight.

For example, their analysis of drainage systems could pick up on something as simple as an unnoticed block or leak, creating unnecessary demand in other areas. Helping to see what you need from dedicated wastewater removal and matching it with what a specialist thinks works best could dramatically improve operations in the long term.

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If you’re working in the dairy industry and need dedicated wastewater treatment, please get in touch. Our customer service team is waiting to answer any questions you have about improving internal systems and bringing wastewater bills down.

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