Businesses in Scotland can save on their water bills

Since April 2008, businesses in Scotland have been allowed to choose their own business water provider. This freedom enables Scottish businesses of all sizes to switch supplier and benefit from better bills and associated services.

At Castle Water, we take pride in helping Scottish businesses switch water suppliers, with no fuss or interruption to services. Our team can help you transition to a new wholesale provider and start seeing improvements in billing and water usage. It all starts with knowing how to switch in Scotland.

How can a business in Scotland switch water supplier?

Whether you’re right in the middle of Glasgow, down by Dumfries, or up near Elgin, Castle Water is making it easier than ever to switch water supplier. All you need to do is call us, or use the form below, and the customer care team will be in touch.

Castle Water gets to know your business, how it uses water, and what you want to get from moving water supplier. Regardless of how big or small your business is, there are always ways to save and make improvements.

Knowing that your switch is not an interruption

Castle Water makes sure that switching isn’t a drawn-out process. Our team will look after all the nitty-gritty work behind the scenes to get boxes ticked and things moved around in the right place. This gives you more time to get on with running your business and not needing to worry about a thing.

Knowing what Castle Water can do for your business

When Scottish businesses switch to Castle Water, you shouldn’t expect only to see our name when the bill comes in. We actively encourage our customers to get in touch with any water concerns they have to see how Castle Water’s specialist partners can help make improvements. You should switch if you’d like:

  • Improved meter readings (no more second-guessing)
  • Customer services that are truly suited to your specific business
  • Support for additional business water management needs

Helping businesses across Scotland switch supplier

Whether you’re right in the middle of Glasgow, down by Dumfries, or up near Elgin, Castle Water can ensure that switching supplier happens without any problems. Some of the most popular areas Castle Water help Scottish businesses includes:

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