When to switch water supplier

There are a million and one reasons for a business to switch water supplier. All it takes is one click to get started.

Businesses want to switch to Castle Water when...

  • Water bills don’t reflect actual water usage
  • Water bills are going up when you feel they shouldn’t
  • There are no accessible benefits as a customer
  • You want a clear and flexible payment model
  • You operate from multiple locations with multiple meters
  • You want an easy way to manage your account online
  • You feel you aren't getting the customer service you deserve

Why switch water supplier

Castle Water is here to provide excellent water services for your business at the best possible price.

Switch to Castle Water for more than just our great prices...

  • One easy-to-understand bill for all your water services
  • Easy ways to manage your account online
  • Customer services tailored to your business needs
  • Practical advice and free resources to improve water efficiency
  • Flexible ways to pay including Direct Debit
  • Consolidated billing for large and multi-site customers
  • Access to Castle Water’s specialist partners to support your additional water management needs

How to switch water supplier

Making a switch shouldn’t feel like jumping over hurdles or impact any business operation.

Castle Water’s switching process is simple...

  • You let us know what you need
  • We figure out the best deal
  • You let us know you want to switch
  • We take care of all the hard work
  • You run your business as normal

We’ve got more 5-star Trustpilot reviews than all other water suppliers combined!


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What does Castle Water offer from switching water supplier?


Everything you need to stay in control of your account, all in one place. Log in anywhere, anytime at castlewater.co.uk

  • View and download invoices
  • Submit meter readings
  • Tell us if you are moving premises
  • Update your details
  • Access a range of useful FAQs
  • Find your water meter

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One simple bill

Our job is to let you get on with yours. One simple bill for all your water and wastewater means you can spend more time where you’re needed most. Log in to MyAccount to see everything all in one place, anywhere, anytime.

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Customers who switched to us get industry leading trade effluent expertise

Trade effluent requirements can be complex. Castle Water’s dedicated, expert trade effluent team has the experience and technology required to understand it like no one else – and we make the process simple.

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Flexible payment options

We offer a variety of flexible payment options to make paying your bill quick and easy.

From one invoice with one payment for multiple accounts, to separate invoices, to EDI billing, to simple Direct Debit payments, we've got an option to suit every business.

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Switch for free water efficiency resources

We give free, practical advice to help your business use less water to become more sustainable and reduce costs.

Use our free online resources to engage with your staff and encourage cultural changes that result in less water being used.

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Only pay for the water you use

It’s easy to submit regular meter readings on MyAccount so your bills stay up-to-date and you only pay for the water you use.

Plus, for every meter reading you submit that we use to calculate your bill, we donate £1 to Save the Children’s Emergency Fund.

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Switch for the service you need, at the price you want

Get an instant quote for all your water and wastewater services. Then our friendly UK based customer service team makes switching a breeze.

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Get switched on to better water bills by switching to Castle Water

We’ve got everything you need to stay in control of your business water, keep your bills up-to-date and your costs down; it’s why we’re so highly rated on Trustpilot by our customers.

Whether you’re the most booked out brunch spot in Edinburgh, the busiest office building in Leeds, or host the dreamiest staycations by the coast in Cornwall, we can help you switch to a better business water service today.

Remember, Castle Water is here for your business; always ready to help for what comes next.

Our customers recommend us

"The easiest and cheapest water service provider I have ever used. I'm so pleased that I switched to them." - Mitzi, Castle Water customer

Switching FAQ's:

Businesses in England and Scotland are free to choose who supplies their water due to deregulation in the market. You may hear this referred to as the Open Water Market.

If your business pays water bills, rather than through a property factor, you have the right to switch.

All you need to do is complete the quoting forms for either England or Scotland. Our team takes care of the rest so you can make the switch whilst continuing to work uninterrupted.

Our customer team will strive to help clients lower their bills, understand how to improve usage, and expect a better level of customer service. We are a water retailer at heart, which means it is important that customers get the best rates possible.

No need to worry. Just get in touch, and we will find out who your current provider is.

We provide business water services for customers across the whole of England and Scotland.

During initial contact, it helps if you have information on how much you use, your bills, what charges your current provider has in place and your Supply Point Identification (SPID) number.

Yes. When wastewater services are mishandled, it can have a significant impact on bills. As part of any switch, our team can assist in improving wastewater services.

No. A deemed tariff means that your existing provider has to tell you what your options are. If they are reticent, get in touch, and we will see how we can help.