Trade effluent is defined as any non-domestic liquid waste, produced by a commercial or industrial premises, which is discharged to the waste water system.

Trade effluent includes water used in production, washing or cooling facilities and covers both large and small premises, including businesses such as car washes and launderettes. Discharges not covered include those from hotels, caravan sites or restaurants.

Your designated water wholesaler controls all of your significant trade effluent discharges to sewers through a system of permits known as consents.

It is the legal responsibility of a company which discharges trade effluent to the public sewer to obtain consent from the designated wholesaler.

Trade Effluent Discharge Application

Application Guidance Notes

Multi-site/large water users:

If you are a large water user or you have multiple business sites, you may be producing a significant amount of trade effluent. We can help you to manage this.

Our specialised account managers can provide you with a wide range of support in legislation and charges to processes and requirements.


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