Please select the relevant application form from below:

Please note Temporary Consents have a maximum duration of six months.

Open Water Permanent Consent

Open Water Temporary Consent

Once the relevant form is completed, could you please:

  • Save the file as a PDF.
  • Print the PDF.
  • Sign in the declaration by the authorised signatory section.
  • Scan the full document and save as a PDF.

Once completed and signed, please return this to alongside any additional documents.

Please be aware that once consent is granted there may be a further charge relating to the actual discharge. This charge will not be quantifiable until raised by the Wholesaler. At which point an invoice will be raised for yourselves.

You should not begin discharging Trade Effluent until you have received a valid discharge licence; It is a criminal offence under the Water Industry Act 1991 to make a Trade Effluent discharge to the public sewer without the permission of the appropriate sewerage undertaker.

Please note that wholesalers have up to two months to assess a new application.