Callum Dawson joined the Castle Water 2019 Summer Internship Programme in July for a 6-week summer internship.

Callum takes over this week’s post to give us an insight to a day in the life of a Castle Water Marketing Intern…

A busy morning

Up at the regular time, 7AM. Get ready for work and catch a lift. As always, it’s a busy morning. Emails to check, reminders to send out and a briefing to catch about my week 2 Intern project. This week is about researching and writing two topics for the Castle Water blog. For this project my colleague Ben, Marketing Executive for Castle Water, is who I report to and work with.

We make our way up to the meeting room and start things rolling with Ben explaining to me what he does in the marketing department. This leads onto my project for the week, researching and writing blogs about water footprints and the water treatment cycle. I decided to do water footprints first, promptly starting my research and laying out my findings sporadically into clumps of information. I keep at this for a couple hours, becoming as Ben says, “An expert for a day”. This contributed to an interesting and active morning for me and allowed me to get a feel for work within a professional environment, something I had been nervous about before interning at Castle Water. I carried on researching until 12PM, at which time I decided to have my lunch. Nothing too fancy but an hour provided me with plenty of time for a walk and some reading.

A productive afternoon

After kicking back and relaxing in the warm air beside the river I decided to meander back to work. I had researched enough and decided to start writing my article. To ensure my writing suited the rest of Castle Water’s work I read through some blog posts to get a feel for the style and layout. I slightly missed the mark with my style and expression, (not instructional and neutral enough), which was resolved after a review and some suggestions from Ben’s initial feedback.

My productive period of writing was briefly paused as I was invited to attend and observe the weekly marketing meeting. At first I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy it, because in the past I’ve found meetings boring and time wasting, however, I was pleasantly surprised Mainly due to how professional, friendly and inviting the team is. This meeting was packed to the brim with information about the current happenings within the business – case studies, operations and current campaigns. Each individual also shared information about their own projects and personal tasks which varied a fair amount from person to person, giving me a good overview on the different roles in the Department.

Afterwards I returned to my desk to carry on with writing, finishing most of the piece before stopping to pick up an extra task that involved creating some company profiles about possible partners for case studies. This last task carried me to the final 5 minutes of my day, which took a slower pace, however it allowed me to check my emails and ensure everything was done before finishing for the day.

My experience at Castle Water so far has been nothing but a positive one, the only thing that I could complain about is that I’m working through the tasks too quickly, but there is always at least one thing to do as I have various upcoming projects such as working with social media, creating internal newsletters, working on an internal campaign and helping to develop customer acquisition and retention campaigns.

Throughout my time at Castle Water I have enjoyed working in the marketing team and felt included by the people I have worked with. As well as having a genuinely good time I feel that I have learnt new skills and attributes, on top of gaining experience and insight for my future ahead. I would definitely recommend trying to snag an internship with Castle Water, especially if you are looking at a future in business and need some reassurance about whether or not it’s for you.

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