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Water efficiency solutions
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What’s good for your business can be good for the environment too

It would be a nasty shock to find out you’re paying more than you need to for your business water. Looking for ways that your business can use less water will help your business spend less on water bills and reduce its carbon footprint. Whether your business water use is minimal or vital to operations, there’s lots of opportunities to become water efficient.

Get started in just 4 steps with our free water efficiency guide.


Save water and reduce your monthly bills with our practical water saving measures and helpful advice.

Start with a simple review of your business water usage using our water efficiency checklist

Learn about achieving behaviour changes to find out how to get your employees involved.

Follow our step by step guide to saving water and understand how your water bill works

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Why is water efficiency important?

With a clear understanding of how and why your business uses water you are better placed to spot unusual water usage. Early indication of this can:

Save water consumption

Reduce carbon emissions

Protect the environment

Avoid potentially damaging leaks

Get water fit for free

Find out how your staff use water and discover ways to reduce your business water use to help the planet and cut your costs. 

Track your water usage

Log in to your account online to submit meter readings and check and track your bills and business water usage.

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Don't pay a penny more than you have to

We use your meter readings to help calculate your water bill so you only pay for the water used. We recommend submitting meter readings every month.

Step 1

Find your water meter using interactive map on your online customer portal here.

Step 2

If your meter is safe to access, note your reading (we only need the black digits).

Step 3

Log in to the customer portal and submit the meter reading you took.

Understand your business water usage with a water efficiency audit

A water efficiency audit will take an in depth look at your water usage and make recommendations for improvements that will save water in the long run, making your organisation more sustainable at the same time as improving your bottom line.