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Business wastewater management

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As an independent water company, we provide our customers advice and assistance on management of wastewater, making it easy for businesses to manage their trade effluent.

Wastewater treatment needs to be handled the right way in order to follow UK environmental regulations, otherwise businesses can run the risk of running into extra costs due to the way they dispose of their wastewater.

Adapting to your industry

Castle Water stands out among other service providers due to our client-focused approach. No two companies or industries are the same: We aim to work collaboratively with you to identify your needs so we can advise wastewater treatment solutions that are tailored to your business specifically.

Below are the most common industries that we and our partners have experience with in advising & delivering wastewater treatment solutions:

Agriculture Health & Hospitals
Biological Hotel & Leisure
Brewing Industrial
Car wash Laundry
Construction Manufacturer
Dairy Mining and Quarrying
Farms & Rural Businesses Pharmaceuticals
Distilleries Tanneries
Energy Textiles
Food & Drink Winery


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A range of wastewater management solutions

Similarly to how different industries and businesses will require a different approach, it is important that your water management company is able to assist you in finding the correct sustainable wastewater management and treatment to match your requirements. Below are some of the solutions Castle Water can offer.

Anaerobic digesters Oxygenation
Chemical Treatment Nitrogen & Phosporus
Consent breach mitigation Process optimisation
Environmental auditing Sampling
Filtration Training
O.G. control Waste additives
Greywater recycling Waste heat recovery
Odour control Waste tankering

Your water retailer should be actively helping your business to reduce its water consumption and cut its water costs.

  • A water efficiency programme can pinpoint areas where consumption can be reduced.
  • Rainwater harvesting can provide another source of water for selected use around your business.
  • Water efficient toilets and taps can be installed to save money over time.
  • Automatic meter reading can give a real-time view on usage to highlight leaks and/or overuse.

Water and wastewater management can include legal compliance that needs to be adhered to. Your water retailer should have a detailed understanding of all the necessary paperwork that needs to be completed for your business to be compliant.

Ask your water retailer what consent your business needs for its water and wastewater uses. Your retailer should also be able to tell you what allowances your company is eligible to apply for relating to drainage, leaks, trade effluent, etc.

The water market is open for your business to shop around for the best deal and the best service. The right water retailer for your business is one that can help you reduce water consumption, cut costs and provide responsive, knowledgeable customer service.

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No two businesses are the same, we know that. That’s why our business wastewater management stands out. We make sure that you have the exact services that you need at the best possible rate.

We won’t provide you with a one-size-fits-all solution and will use data driven insights to effectively manage your wastewater in a manner suited to your business and it’s specific unique factors.

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