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How to switch water supplier

Making a switch shouldn’t feel like jumping over hurdles or impact any business operation. Castle Water’s switching process is simple...

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We take care of all the hard work and ensure a smooth transfer

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When to switch water supplier

Questioning if you can change water supplier? All it takes is one click to get started. Most of our customers switched to us for a better deal and better service. Switch when…

No other water retailer does this…

We’re the only UK retailer to have our own dedicated Field Team of directly employed meter readers that are able to take the time to access complex meters, and are trained to investigate faults.

Top for meter reading

In the last 12 months alone, water market operator MOSL confirmed that Castle Water is outperforming other major water retailers on key meter reading tasks. Our 96% success rate in meter reading tasks surpasses all other major retailers, and MOSL’s “Holistic Reporting” score of over 94% also ranked Castle Water above other national retailers.

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Manage everything online

Your online account allows you to check your account balance, view bills and transaction history, find your meter and submit meter readings, update your details, set up your Direct Debit and much more.
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One simple bill

Our job is to let you get on with yours. One simple bill for all your water and wastewater means you can spend more time where you’re needed most. Log in to your online account to see everything all in one place, anywhere, anytime.
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Industry leading trade effluent expertise

Trade effluent requirements can be complex. Castle Water’s dedicated, expert trade effluent team has the experience and technology required to understand it like no one else – and we make the process simple.
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Flexible payment options

We offer a variety of flexible payment options to make paying your bill quick and easy. From one invoice with one payment for multiple accounts, to separate invoices, to EDI billing, to simple Direct Debit payments, we've got an option to suit every business.
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Only pay for the water you use

We make it easy to keep your water bills low by submitting meter readings on your online account. Submitting monthly readings will help you to keep your bills up-to-date so you only pay for the water you use.
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Switch for the service you need, at the price you want

Get an instant quote for all your water and wastewater services. Then our award-winning, friendly UK based customer service team makes switching a breeze.

Everything at your fingertips

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24/7 secure access

Manage your account safely and securely online anywhere, anytime from your desktop or smartphone.

Manage payments

Manage payments and find invoices and statements for one or multiple accounts all in one place.

Meters and readings

Find your meter, submit meter readings and track usage to make sure you only pay for the water being used.

Direct Debit

Set up Direct Debit quickly and securely for all your accounts in just a few minutes using the portal.

Help and support

Find the answers you need, track support cases and submit requests faster than ever before.

Tailored solutions for businesses of all sizes

Whether you’re a small company or a larger industrial customer with several sites and complex wastewater needs, we’ll give you a better water service.

Small Premises

You need to focus on your growing business, so why waste time on your utilities? Castle Water customers enjoy fast, efficient service – plus plenty of features that save you time and money.
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Large Premises

If you are running a large organisation that consumes more than 6,000m³ of water in a single year, we have services designed specifically for you.
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Multiple Premises

Do you have multiple business premises? We offer multi-site solutions that allow consolidated billing and can help meet your operational and sustainability goals.

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