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Meter access charges

As we aim to minimise our tariffs, and do not want to increase costs for all customers, we have had to take the decision to put in place two additional charges for occasions where we incur costs above the level allowed for in the tariff.

Refusal of access charge

Where we attend your premises to read a meter, but you do not permit us to do so, there will be a charge of £45.

Additional steps access charge

Where we are required to carry out unusual maintenance tasks to successfully read a meter, such as pruning hedges or removing a build-up of mud, or complying with access restrictions imposed by you, there will be a charge of £67.

Important information

We aim to take a meter reading from all our customers at least once annually, and in most cases twice a year. Unfortunately, in some cases we are unable to take a meter reading when we attend customer premises which results in us incurring significant costs.

It is important to note that,

  1. these charges are set at a level to recover our own costs. The cost allowance we receive for reading customer meters only covers reading a meter without any additional work.
  2. we are charged additional costs by the Market Operator if we fail to take a meter reading as scheduled.
  3. under the Terms & Conditions by which Castle Water provides you with Services, we may ask you, and you agree, to provide meter readings on reasonable request, including where we or our agents have been unable to access the meter to get a reading.
  4. our primary objective remains to gain a meter read, which requires your assistance by either giving access to our meter readers, or by supplying us with your meter reading.

How to avoid meter access charges

You can avoid meter access charges by facilitating access to your meter, including conducting regular checks to ensure your meter remains accessible when our meter reader calls.

Maintain a clear area around your meter, with ideally two feet (minimum one foot) of clearance around the edge of the pit to allow ease of access for our meter readers

Conduct regular checks to ensure your meter remains in a condition that it could be easily read by our meter readers

Facilitate access to your meter when our meter reader visits.

Submit monthly meter readings on the portal so we always have an up-to-date meter reading for your account


Keep your bills up-to-date by submitting regular meter readings on your online customer portal.

How to submit a reading

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Meter networks

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