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How to take a water meter reading

How to read your water meter

We use your meter readings to help calculate your water bill so you only pay for the water used. We recommend submitting meter readings every month.

Step 1

Find your water meter using interactive map on your online customer portal here.

Step 2

If your meter is safe to access, note your reading (we only need the black digits).

Step 3

Login to the customer portal and submit the meter reading you took.

Submit your meter reading

The easiest way to submit and keep track of your meter readings is on the customer portal.

Customers that have multiple sites or multiple meters, must provide a meter reading for all meters at each site.

Don’t yet have your online customer account? No problem. It’s quick and easy to register for instant access to your business water account. Simply start by clicking the register button below.

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Help keep bills up-to-date and accurate

Submit regular meter readings to ensure your bills reflect your consumption patterns.


Only pay for the water your business uses

Don't let overpayments drain your resources. Submit readings to only pay for what you use.

water audit

Track your business water usage and detect leaks early

By tracking your business's water usage, you can catch leaks early and prevent unnecessary water wastage.


Monitor water efficiency to meet sustainability goals

Unlock substantial savings by identifying and rectifying inefficiencies in your water consumption.

Why is it important to submit regular meter readings?

We use your meter readings to calculate your bills to help ensure your business only pays for the water being used. Submitting a meter reading may be additionally important for customers with a reduction in water consumption, to help reflect a change in water usage in your bills.

We encourage all customers who can safely access their water meters to submit monthly meter readings on your online account.

Meter access charges

Find out more about meter access charges and how to avoid them.

Report an issue

Repair, install, maintain or replace a meter through your online portal.

Meter networks

Find out more about shared meters and how to report for these.