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SUEZ Switch Over 200 Sites To Castle Water For Optimised Services And Solutions

SUEZ recycling and recovery UK, switched to Castle Water as its sole business water and wastewater retailer for more than 200 of its UK sites.

The UK sustainable waste management company initially switched several of its sites to Castle Water back in 2017, following objectives to consolidate its full portfolio with one business water retailer that offered optimum services and solutions.

Award winning, multi-site services

Castle Water’s robust, award-winning customer service and extensive solutions for its large, multi-site operations, led SUEZ to renew its contract with Castle Water in 2019 for an additional 36 months, with the opportunity to extend the contract for a further 24 months at the time of renewal.

SUEZ’s complete business water services portfolio is now served by Castle Water; including water, wastewater and trade effluent, to over 200 sites across England.

To rectify previous market errors and ensure accurate billing, Castle Water prioritised a data cleanse of SUEZ’s entire billing system. Thanks to Castle Water, SUEZ now has confidence in its water and wastewater charges.

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Castle Water continue to provide exceptional service and support. Consolidating all our sites with Castle Water has generated real efficiencies and cost savings, and they deliver vital support in the management of our business water across the UK. Their additional water services and water efficiency measures offer added value and environmental benefits and highlight our aligned sustainability values.
Julie Swanepoel
Procurement Officer at SUEZ

Industry leading expertise and cost effective savings

SUEZ now benefits from a tailored service from the UK’s leading independent water retailer. Castle Water offers water management support, water efficiency advice, 24/7 emergency support, and as a multi-site customer, Castle Water’s consolidated billing solution simplifies billing and cost management. Castle Water’s online customer portal gives SUEZ control to manage its account portfolio online, with tools to view bills, submit meter readings, view all transactions, view consumption data, and use the interactive map to find water meters.

We are delighted to continue working with SUEZ recycling and recovery UK to provide industry-leading water services and solutions to improve water efficiency. We are committed to supporting all of our customer’s water requirements through our range of tailored services and dedicated team, and continue to invest heavily in our award-winning customer service offerings. By providing personalised services, Castle Water ensures the delivery of all customers business water needs, to maximise efficiency and reduce costs.
Eamonn Treanor
Head of Relationship Management at Castle Water
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