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Sweetening The Deal: Castle Water Resolve Loss Of Water Pressure At Leading UK Cane Sugar Manufacturer

A significant drop in water pressure posed serious health and safety issues and downtime risking long term revenue loss at a UK headquartered food manufacturer’s refinery factory. 

Thanks to the fast response from the dedicated team at Castle Water, and Castle Water’s depth of relationship with water Wholesaler, Thames Water, the water pressure issue was resolved, and emergency water arrived onsite within 2 hours. Normal factory operations resumed at the refinery factory within 2 days.

When unforeseen water shortages occur, all business operations, from large scale manufacturing production lines to simpler water use tasks, become disrupted. Castle Water understands the importance of water, especially for sensitive sites. That’s why we go above and beyond to ensure our customer’s receive industry-leading water services and efficiency advice.

This was an extremely time sensitive situation that posed a variety of health and safety risks as well as production interference. We put our full weight behind the problem to resolve our customer’s water shortage quickly so they could resume daily operations and offset any future revenue lost by downtime. Our immediate support and specialist contingency water services meant that emergency water deliveries arrived promptly to allow for safe production closure.
Eamonn Treanor
Castle Water’s Head of Relationship Management

Refined response to water emergencies

In October 2021, a leading supplier of cane sugar products and ingredients, headquartered in London, contacted Castle Water to report and request help to resolve a drop on the internal water pressure gauge at one of their UK sites. Castle Water immediately contacted the sugar refinery’s water Wholesaler, Thames Water. Wholesalers are responsible for the supply of clean water and disposal of wastewater for homes and businesses, and maintenance of the infrastructure of the water network in the UK. Castle Water have a long-standing relationship with Thames Water, working together to resolve customer queries and requests quickly and efficiently.

Castle Water cited the customer’s health and safety concerns and arranged for Thames Water to conduct an inspection at the food manufacturing site. Following the inspection, Thames Water deemed the pressure issues to be an internal fault, for which the customer was responsible, and were unable to support the matter further at this time. In absence of a resolution from Thames Water, and as a result of the continued restriction in water flow, the customer had no option but to cease factory production.

However, in order to shut down the site both hygienically and safely, empty factory holding tanks required refilling with water. An emergency water supply was essential to refill the holding tanks, and the cane sugar manufacturer turned to Castle Water again for help. Castle Water took immediate action to arrange the crucial water delivery to the customer’s site. Two water tankers were prioritised and arrived onsite within just 2 hours.

The refinery factory’s internal pressure drop readings did not correlate with the Thames Water’s initial engineering assessment. Unsatisfied with Thames Water’s findings and pressing to resolve the matter, Castle Water re-escalated the water pressure dispute directly with Thames Water’s senior management team. Subsequently, a second engineering team was sent out by Thames Water for further site investigation. The second investigation concluded that internal pipework and an obstructed meter appeared to be causing flow restriction. The meter was removed, and the customer’s internal pressure gauge returned to normal.

Water contingency planning

Castle Water’s additional water services provide proactive solutions to support efficiency, reduce costs and mitigate risk.

We offer custom built-in water continuity planning to ensure your business is prepared for emergency water situations. Know what will happen during an emergency and what your options are if your business needs much more, or much less, water for temporary periods.

Our additional water services include professional water audits and customer site visits. By measuring consumption and tracking usage we can evaluate what mitigating measures and resources are necessary to keep your business operating during an unforeseen water outage.

Castle Water supports its customers every day, not just during water shortage events. We are committed to enhancing your business’s water efficiency to improve your water consumption, sustainability and reduce costs.


Whether it’s simply the supply of bottled water, or bulk supplies and tankered water which need to be delivered to address water supply in emergencies, Castle Water customers are assured of water supply continuity.

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