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Our service focus on getting you the best deal on your business waterWe take into account your unique business requirements, the sector you work in and your location among many other factors to ensure that you have access to the best possible business water savings.

Unlike other retailers our quotes don’t have hidden retail fees in the small print, and we don’t do exit charges. We have more 5-star customer reviews and more meter readers than any other UK water retailer. We’re fully independent from Wholesalers, and the only retailer taking all possible steps to resolve customer problems resulting from Wholesaler data errors.

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Compare business water suppliers

UK businesses are fed up with getting fleeced by hidden retail charges, poor service and confusing bills from other water retailers. At Castle Water, we’ve found a better way to do business water.

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Everything at your fingertips

  • Manage single and multiple accounts safely and securely
  • Submit meter readings, go paperless and track water usage
  • Get help, track support cases, get invoices, letters and documents
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24/7 secure access

Manage your account safely and securely online anywhere, anytime from your desktop or smartphone.

Manage payments

Manage payments and find invoices and statements for one or multiple accounts all in one place.

Meters and readings

Find your meter, submit meter readings and track usage to make sure you only pay for the water being used.

Direct Debit

Set up Direct Debit quickly and securely for all your accounts in just a few minutes using the portal.

Help and support

Find the answers you need, track support cases and submit requests faster than ever before.

Business water comparison

We’re the only water retailer that will give you an instant online quote in as little as three minutes. All we need is some basic information about your business.

Manage everything online

Your online account allows you to check your account balance, view bills and transaction history, find your meter and submit meter readings, update your details, set up your Direct Debit and much more.
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One simple bill

Our job is to let you get on with yours. One simple bill for all your water and wastewater means you can spend more time where you’re needed most. Log in to your online account to see everything all in one place, anywhere, anytime.
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Industry leading trade effluent expertise

Trade effluent requirements can be complex. Castle Water’s dedicated, expert trade effluent team has the experience and technology required to understand it like no one else – and we make the process simple.

Flexible payment options

We offer a variety of flexible payment options to make paying your bill quick and easy. From one invoice with one payment for multiple accounts, to separate invoices, to EDI billing, to simple Direct Debit payments, we've got an option to suit every business.

Only pay for the water you use

We make it easy to keep your water bills low by submitting meter readings on your online account. Submitting monthly readings will help you to keep your bills up-to-date so you only pay for the water you use.
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Switch for the service you need, at the price you want

Get an instant quote for all your water and wastewater services. Then our award-winning, friendly UK based customer service team makes switching a breeze.

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Did you know we have more 5-star Trustpilot reviews than any other UK business water retailer?

Switch away from bad service

Sometimes getting more than you bargained for isn’t a good thing. Luckily, UK businesses are free to switch business water suppliers, so you can make bad service and hidden fees a thing of the past in just a few clicks.

Switching to Castle Water is like waking up from a bad dream

One minute you’re hiding from bad service and hidden fees, and the next your enjoying the relief of a quote you can trust, flexible payment options, award-winning service, one simple bill, and savings of up to 80% on fixed water charges.

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How business water comparison helps save on water

Nobody wants to find out that they are overspending on their water, and there are so many factors that can make a bill the way it is, from the size and shape of a premises to the industry your business works in.

While many of these factors are out of your hands, one thing that is not is the supplier that you choose. 

Trust in our experienced team.

Better business water

The only water retailer that will give you an instant online quote in as little as three minutes. All we need is some basic information about your business.