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Trade effluent disposal

Trade effluent disposal is the responsible and compliant disposal of liquid waste generated by commercial and industrial activities. This encompasses the safe and eco-friendly removal of effluent to prevent environmental harm. 

Castle Water specialises in providing comprehensive solutions for the efficient and ethical disposal of trade effluent, helping businesses maintain regulatory compliance and environmental stewardship.

Trade effluent removal & environmental protection 

Beyond regulatory compliance, effective trade effluent disposal is an essential element of corporate practices that prioritise environmental stewardship, minimising ecological impact and mitigating risks associated with non-compliance

Why do you need trade effluent disposal? 

Trade effluent disposal is crucial for safeguarding the environment, adhering to regulatory requirements, and promoting public health. 

Many industrial and commercial processes generate liquid waste containing potential pollutants, necessitating responsible disposal practices to prevent harm to ecosystems and water sources. 

Compliance with strict environmental regulations is paramount to avoid legal consequences and penalties. Additionally, proper disposal reflects a commitment to sustainability, contributing to corporate responsibility and fostering positive community relations. 

Liquid waste disposal with Castle Water

At Castle Water, we are committed to helping businesses manage and dispose of liquid waste. When you partner with us for your trade effluent disposal, you will receive benefits such as:

  • The knowledge and influence to ensure your interests are properly considered
  • Full-service support for correct consent and licences
  • Wholesaler negotiation for bespoke consent limits
  • Guidance to meet regulatory & environmental obligations
  • Support and data reporting to help reach your sustainability and environmental targets

Additionally, we pride ourselves on offering consistently accurate trade effluent billing, ensuring you get an excellent service for your money.

Expert trade
effluent team

Our expertise and market leading technology combine to make the process simple for you.

water audit

Consent and regulatory support

Full-service support for correct consents and licenses and the application process.



Consistently reliable, hassle-free bills from our market-leading billing platform.


Data to support sustainability targets

Support and data reporting to help sustainability and environmental targets.

Getting trade effluent right is crucial

Trade effluent consent is a vital part of wider legislation which protects the environment. It’s illegal to discharge trade effluent without consent and doing so carries the risk of prosecution and fines. 

If you think you're being overcharged for your business water, or under-served in your trade effluent needs email or call 01250 718718 to speak to one of our experts.