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How to install a business water meter

Meters are owned, installed and maintained by the Wholesaler

It is the responsibility of the local water company or wholesaler to install, maintain and move water meters. Wholesalers are responsible for maintaining the water infrastructure and ensuring accurate metering.  

Who to contact to get a meter installed

For new developments without meters, you will need to speak directly with your Wholesaler to arrange the installation. 

You can usually find your Wholesaler’s contact information on your water bill or on their official website. When you reach out to them, they will guide you through the steps and schedule a convenient time for installation. Don’t know who your water Wholesaler is? Check here.

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Please complete our Move In form in the customer portal. Log in to the customer portal here or if you haven’t logged in before you can register here.

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As your water retailer we can communicate your metering requests on your behalf directly to your Wholesaler. All you need to do is complete the relevant form in the customer portal. 

If you are already a customer with us and have an unmetered supply, you can request a meter installation from your Wholesaler by logging in to your Castle Water online account and completing the New Meter Installation form in Help and Support.

Log in to the customer portal here or if you haven’t logged in before you can register here.

What Are the Benefits of a Water Meter?

Installing a water meter offers several benefits for consumers. While water retailers may not be directly involved in installation, they can leverage the data from these meters to improve quoting and provide more accurate pricing to customers. Here are some key advantages of having a water meter:

Accurate Billing

Water meters provide precise measurements of your actual water usage, leading to accurate billing. You'll only pay for the water you consume, which can result in fairer and more cost-effective bills.

Incentive for Water Conservation

Water meters encourage water conservation by making consumers more aware of their usage. When people can see how much water they're using in real-time, they tend to use it more efficiently.

Fairer Pricing

Water metering allows for more equitable pricing, as customers are charged based on their actual consumption. This benefits both low and high water users, ensuring that everyone pays their fair share.

How to submit a reading

Learn how to submit a meter reading and the importance of regular reporting.

Meter networks

Find out more about shared meters and how to report for these.

Report an issue

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