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Trade effluent removal

Trade effluent refers to any liquid waste discharged from business or industrial processes. It encompasses a wide range of substances, from chemicals and oils to wastewater generated during manufacturing. 

Proper management of trade effluent is crucial to safeguard the environment and comply with regulations. Castle Water specialises in comprehensive solutions for removing trade effluent, ensuring businesses maintain environmental responsibility and legal compliance.

The process of trade effluent removal

By creating a custom waste management plan that works for your business, we ensure that your trade effluent waste is handled properly and efficiently. When you partner with us, you will receive services such as:

Trade effluent analysis

Before implementing removal solutions, Castle Water conducts a thorough analysis of the trade effluent to identify its composition.

This step is essential for tailoring an effective removal strategy.

Customised removal plans

Castle Water develops customised removal plans based on the effluent analysis. The plans address the specific needs of each business, taking into consideration the type and volume of effluent produced.

Advanced treatment technologies

Employing cutting-edge treatment technologies, we ensure the efficient removal of contaminants from trade effluent. This may involve physical, chemical, or biological processes, depending on the nature of the effluent.

Compliance assurance

Castle Water’s removal solutions prioritise adherence to strict UK environmental regulations. By consistently meeting compliance standards, businesses using Castle Water’s services mitigate the risk of penalties

Expert trade
effluent team

Our expertise and market leading technology combine to make the process simple for you.

water audit

Consent and regulatory support

Full-service support for correct consents and licenses and the application process.



Consistently reliable, hassle-free bills from our market-leading billing platform.


Data to support sustainability targets

Support and data reporting to help sustainability and environmental targets.

Getting trade effluent right is crucial

Trade effluent consent is a vital part of wider legislation which protects the environment. It’s illegal to discharge trade effluent without consent and doing so carries the risk of prosecution and fines. 

If you think you're being overcharged for your business water, or under-served in your trade effluent needs email or call 01250 718718 to speak to one of our experts.