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How to set up your business water for the first time


Have you just moved into a business premises? If so,...

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How we serve customers identified as sensitive sites


At Castle Water, our professional network of specialist water services...

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How do I find out who supplies my business water?


Since 2014, businesses, regardless of size, can now choose their...

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The importance of water efficiency during a heatwave


With temperatures reaching 30 degrees in some parts of the UK this week, water efficiency measures are more important than ever. We may not have the dreaded hosepipe ban this...

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What is water abstraction?


In simple terms, water abstraction is the act of taking water from sources such as rivers, streams, canals, springs, underground or the sea....

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Future-proof your trade effluent and reduce costs


Trade effluent is defined as any liquid waste that isn’t classified as domestic wastewater, i.e. waste that comes from kitchens, bathrooms, and toilets. Businesses that need trade effluent consent include...

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How Castle Water are taking on Plastic Free July


Plastic Free July, an initiative of the Plastic Free Foundation, challenges you to make more positives changes to reduce single-use plastics for one month, in the hope of creating better...

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Does having hard water affect your business costs?


Hard water can have a profound effect on costs to businesses, mainly in the manufacturing sector....

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