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Brrr...illiant advice to help you protect your business this winter


Are we drinking the same water as the dinosaurs?


The water on our Earth today is the same water...

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Preventing frozen pipes - To Drip or Not to Drip?


With temperatures last winter regularly falling below zero, protecting water...

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I think I may have a leak – how can I tell for sure?


If you’ve noticed that your water bills are higher than...

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I didn't choose Castle Water. Why are you my retailer?


Since 2014, Castle Water has acquired the business customers of a handful of Wholesalers through-out the UK including; Portsmouth Water, South East Water and Thames Water.In Scotland, we also acquired...

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5 things to do now to help prepare your business for winter


Don’t deny it, you love talking about the weather just as much as we do! Wind, rain or shine, we just can seem to help ourselves but chat about the...

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Customer Service – more than just issue resolution


We understand that for most companies, the primary function of a customer service team is dealing with issue resolution, and that’s an important aspect of any service that customers will...

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What is my Supply Point Identification (SPID) Number?


Every business premises has a unique SPID number to identify the water & sewerage supplies for the property. Click here to find out more....

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Why your business water costs money - Part 2: Beyond the flush


After discussing how clean water gets to our taps in Part 1 – From source to tap – we now get onto the slightly less glamorous side. Although the processes...

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