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Windy Water


Can't we just make more water?


With water scarcity growing alongside the global population, and demands...

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Your Questions Answered - General Questions


In the last of the series, we answer some of...

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You won’t believe what has been found in UK sewers


There are some 567,256 kilometres of sewers beneath the street...

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Latest News

Will Brexit affect my business' water supply?


There are naturally many questions regarding how Brexit will affect certain UK industries and the value of commodities.It’s common sense that businesses, in particular, will want to know if they...

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Your Questions Answered - Meter Reads


Some of the most frequent questions we get asked at Castle Water is about your business water meter. In our blog series, ‘Your Questions Answered’, we aim to clarify the...

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Is this the easiest way to beat the post-festive slump?


For many of us, returning to a normal routine following the winter festivities, or a busy winter work schedule can be daunting and exhausting. With energy levels depleted and the...

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Your Questions Answered - Account & Supply


A few weeks ago, we surveyed the most popular questions and queries the Castle Water customers ask. We’ve created this mini-blog series to answer those questions. In our third ‘Your...

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Christmas Jumper Day 2019


Great customer service is at the forefront of what we strive for here at Castle Water. Our customer service teams have been listening to your queries and taking note of...

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