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Water Efficiency in the Industrial Sector


What is a water audit & why does your business need one?


A water audit is a strategy in which a specialist...

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Water Efficiency for the Agricultural Sector


Water use in the agricultural sector is a big issue...

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Castle Water CEO, John Reynolds, provides an update on refunds resulting from businesses temporarily closing during lockdown


I was very relieved when Ofwat accepted in early April...

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Let's Support Unblocktober


It’s amazing what people put down the drain - oils and fats, cleaning wipes, cotton buds (around 180,000,000 of these a year). If you’re one of the culprits, then you...

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UK Business Water Usage


Different businesses have different water needs which depend entirely on their activities. However, water management can typically be separated into three tiers in terms of quantities used and related industries....

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Golf courses & saving water


Golfing is a sport that is enjoyed all year round. But what about the work that goes on behind the scenes to provide such a great experience?...

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Behind the scenes: leak detection


Unless damage occurs to a visible water pipe, it’s very likely that it will be some time before you see the effects of a leak. The longer a pipe is...

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How much does business water cost?


It’s only when you think about the importance of water in our lives, and you look at the work that goes on behind the scenes, that you realise what great...

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