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Castle Water outperforms all major water retailers in MOSL Market Performance Standards


Protect your business premises this autumn


Now that the colder season is well underway, business owners...

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Your Questions Answered - Payments


We’ve been listening to your queries! Here, we answer some...

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We're all in the business of saving water


Fresh water is a finite resource. Thanks to the effects...

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Why we need to put the wiggle back into rivers


As part of the Industrial Revolution, engineers straightened rivers to make them more efficient. Unfortunately, river straightening had consequences for both the ecology and the land around the rivers. As...

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Switch business water safely. How to protect your business against erroneous transfers


We are aware that UK businesses are being mis-sold expensive new business water contracts with hidden charges, and in many cases switched away from our services to a new retailer...

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“Beware of being switched without your consent” warns Castle Water CEO John Reynolds


A number of our small business customers have been in contact in recent months to tell us they have been switched to another water and sewerage service provider without their...

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How Are Water Rates Worked Out?


How are Water Rates Worked Out? In this blog post, we discuss how rates differ across the UK and how businesses are charged for water rates....

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How sports arenas can help prevent flooding


Discover How Hong Kong Tackles Flooding and Water Shortages with Innovative Sports Ground Solutions - Explore the Happy Valley Underground Stormwater Storage Scheme and Rainwater Harvesting in Urban Areas....

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