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How to set up your business water for the first time


Have you just moved into a business premises? If so,...

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Why switching business water supplier is different to switching domestic water supplier


When it comes to electricity and gas, switching your business...

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How do I find out who supplies my business water?


Since 2014, businesses, regardless of size, can now choose their...

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Can a Business Stay Open Without Running Water?


Can a Business Stay Open Without Running Water? This may depend on your business water demands and circumstances. Learn more with Castle Water, a leading water supplier....

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Top 6 ways your business can save water


Here are our top 6 ways your business can save water....

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How Do I Find Out My Water Supplier?


How do you find your water supplier, and how easy is it to do? We discuss how any business can find their current supplier as well as switching water supplier....

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How less water usage by businesses will benefit the environment


It isn’t unknown that fresh water is in short supply and although there’s plenty of water in the world, 97.5% of it makes up our oceans. Seawater is too salty...

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Blog Takeover With Castle Water Expert: Lisa Campbell


Get to know Business Development Manager, Lisa Campbell, and find out what makes her a Castle Water Expert....

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