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Castle Water continues to support the Cateran Yomp


Six months on from COPS, what's changed?


Six months ago, world leaders from more than 200 countries...

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How does what you eat and drink at work affect the environment


We really only think about our water usage when we’re...

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Celebrating our 8th anniversary


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Water efficiency for the animal care industry


Animal care is a huge part of UK life and business. From livestock farming to veterinary care, stable yards to horse racing, rescue centres to zoos, animal care is at...

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Why it’s important to reuse water


Reusing water is essential for removing environmental pressures and decreasing water abstraction. Find out how businesses can implement water reuse measures to help mitigate environmental water stress....

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Blog takeover with Castle Water Expert: James Hall


James Hall, Commercial Relationship Manager for Castle Water, addresses the importance of building strong relationships with customers, the value of delivering on promises, and why Castle Water is uniquely positioned...

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What farmers can do to unlock the value of natural capital


In a nutshell, ‘natural capital’ is thinking about nature as an asset and identifying ways in which economic and social activity depends on the natural environment. In 2021, the Department...

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Why sustainability and manufacturing are essential for the fashion industry


The fashion industry uses around 1.5 trillion litres of water annually. This intense business water usage is resulting in an increasing water footprint. Find out what steps the industry is...

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