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How to set up your business water for the first time


Have you just moved into a business premises? If so,...

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How we serve customers identified as sensitive sites


At Castle Water, our professional network of specialist water services...

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How do I find out who supplies my business water?


Since 2014, businesses, regardless of size, can now choose their...

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Castle Water Expert, Tamzin Hall shares expertise on water efficiency


Tamzin Hall educates on the importance of water sustainability and efficiency. By implementing these water saving techniques our customers are able to reduce their business water usage, minimise effluent and...

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How to find an underground leak


Prevention and early detection is key to managing leaks. This blog will guide you through finding and reporting an underground leak....

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Future-proof your business water and reduce costs - schools and universities


If you run a school or university, you’ll know that water is a necessity for the health and hygiene of both students and staff, and you’ll know how much water...

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The importance of surface water drainage


Surface water drainage is when rainwater falls and is drained away, whether that’s directly through the drains and into the sewerage system, through soakaways, or directly into the ground. When...

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Why switching business water supplier is different to switching domestic water supplier


When it comes to electricity and gas, switching your business supplier is as easy as switching your domestic supplier. However, when it comes to business water suppliers, unlike your domestic...

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