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Blog takeover with Castle Water Expert: Rachel Tripney


The Lowdown on AMR


It’s important to submit regular water meter readings to ensure...

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Is 2021 the year of the tree?


Trees are vital to life for several reasons. Trees provide...

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Blog takeover with Castle Water Expert: Blair Kinmont


Get to know Customer Service Advisor, Blair Kinmont, and find...

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Start to reduce your water bills, overnight!


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Blog takeover with Castle Water Expert: Tamzin Hall


Get to know Tamzin Hall, Head of Strategic Partnerships, and find out what makes her a Castle Water Expert....

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To avoid kissing any frogs, ask these 10 questions before you switch water retailer!


Thinking of switching your business water retailer? Ask these questions to ensure your new business water supplier measures up!...

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What is water pollution and what causes it?


According to Britannica, Water pollution is: “the release of substances into subsurface groundwater or into lakes, streams, rivers, estuaries, and oceans to the point where the substances interfere with beneficial...

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5 ways to improve the water efficiency of your business


Water efficiency is a crucial part of your business strategy. Not only will saving water ultimately save your business money, it will also help your business to reach its sustainability...

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