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I Didn’t Choose Castle Water. Why Are You My Retailer?

If you didn’t choose to switch to Castle Water, your business may have been transferred to us as part of an acquisition.

Castle Water acquisitions

Since 2014, Castle Water has acquired the business customers of a handful of Wholesalers through-out the UK including; Portsmouth Water, South East Water and Thames Water.

In Scotland, we also acquired the business customers of Cobalt Water.

What did this mean for newly acquired business customers?

This meant that Castle Water took over all retail activities for these business customers including meter reading, billing, payment collection and general customer services.

Your Wholesaler remains responsible for the upkeep of physical infrastructure, e.g. your water meter, and ensuring that any amendments to the infrastructure are reflected in the Central Market Operating System (CMOS) on time.

Was I notified about this change?

Before our acquisition of your water Wholesaler, we sent a postal letter to every newly acquired premise, listed on the Wholesaler database. The letter included:

  1. notification of this change and details of when it would take place
  2. and provided our contact details for customers who wished to discuss the change further

Some customers have reported that they did not receive a letter. This may have occurred due to various reasons including; if you had moved from the premises when the letter was sent or if the wrong supply address was provided to us by your Wholesaler at the time of communication.

Additionally, Thames Water provided a website notification previous to and during the time of transfer to highlight the change.

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