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Castle Water serves businesses across the UK, and is a leading business water retailer in both Scotland and England. We can provide bespoke, location specific business water and business wastewater solutions.

We already serve more than 350,000 businesses across the UK, large, water reliant businesses in London, to waste water management for small businesses in rural areas.

Our team is committed to providing locally competitive rates, and bespoke solutions. 

Business Water for English Customers

Water serves a unique purpose for any business. Those in the hospitality sector will have a completely different need for water than a food processing facility.

Castle Water offers English businesses smart meter readings, consolidated billing, water efficiency guidance, and help with trade effluent billing, including tasks like auditing and sampling.

We know that water serves a unique purpose for any business, and work hard to help English business owners make savings on their water bills with a tailored approach.

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Business Water for Scottish customers

Our process is simple and easy, when a Scottish business gets in touch for business water, We will set up automated, accurate billing, which will come alongside excellent advice to ensure your business water is as low as it should be.

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