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Business Water Use In The
Hospitality Industry

Hospitality Water Management 

Water usage and sustainability in hospitality are hugely pivotal to the operation of any hotel, café, restaurant, or other establishments within the industry. The hospitality industry uses a huge quantity of water daily.

Staying on top of how much water is consumed in your establishment can also save you a significant sum of money every month. 

Water Usage in Hospitality

Water usage in hospitality tends to be centred around cooking, cleaning, and customer consumption.

But the establishment you run will determine how much water is used and the kind of trade effluent licence you’ll need. A nightclub, for instance, will use significantly more water in a day of business than a small corner café.

Water Sustainability Within Hospitality

Remaining as sustainable as possible with your establishment’s water usage is important for the environment and your wallet. The more water you can save by adopting sustainability practices and reducing water consumption, the more money you can save on your water bills every month.



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The Services Castle Water Provide

Our goal here at Castle Water is to assist your business with becoming more sustainable with its water usage. We can:

  • Provide your establishment with proficient wastewater disposal services. 
  • If you run multiple establishments, we can provide you with a consolidated water bill, keeping things simple and streamlined.
  • Keep your water usage under control and bring your costs down by providing a comprehensive range of water management services.
  • Assist with the maintenance and application for the appropriate trade effluent licence for your establishment.
  • We can assist with keeping your business compliant with regional and national legislation regarding water usage.

We can do so much more here at Castle Water; the above is just a small fraction of the value that we can offer businesses. 
Switch to us now and get exemplary service from the UK’s largest independent business water retailer, no matter the industry.

Do Hotels Use A Lot Of Water?

Yes, hotels typically consume a significant amount of water due to various factors such as guest amenities, housekeeping, laundry services, landscaping, and food and beverage operations. Water is used for activities like bathing, flushing toilets, laundering linens and towels, maintaining pools and spas, and irrigation.

How Much Water Does A Café Use?

A café can use a significant amount of water in its day-to-day operations, and not just for brewing coffee, tea, and other beverages. On average, it is estimated that a café can consume as much as 2700 – 4500 litres in one day.

How Much Water Does The Average Restaurant Use?

Water usage in restaurants will vary wildly depending on size and location. Some estimates have a high-end figure of around 113,000 litres in a day. However, for most restaurants, this figure is closer to 13,000 – 31,000 litres in a day.

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