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Limpet Readers

Is your water meter difficult to read?

You need an accurate, low cost solution to hassle-free meter readings

Limpet readers are a budget friendly option for businesses looking to avoid skipped meter readings, eliminate estimated billing, and minimise the hassle of monthly meter readings, by providing 100% accurate readings directly to your device.

Quick and easy to set up, Limpet readers help to keep your business water bills up-to-date and improve safety by removing the need to open meter manholes to collect meter readings.

The benefits of Limpet Readers

  • 100% meter reading accuracy
  • Budget-friendly meter reading solution
  • Avoid skipped meter readings
  • No more estimated bills
  • Eliminate site call outs
  • Track water consumption
  • Improve safety and physical benefits

How do Limpet readers work?

The Limpet reader attaches to your existing water meter. The device takes a photo of the meter reading and converts the image into accurate numerical readings (as displayed on your meter). The meter reading data is transmitted to a database, that stores your readings with corresponding dates, before being sent to your mobile device.

The devices offer the flexibility to set up in advance how often you would like to receive your water meter readings. Typically businesses set Limpet readers to provide monthly readings.


Meter readings allow you to monitor your business water usage which can help you to track consumption patterns.

Alternative meter reading devices

Not sure if Limpet readers meet all the water tracking requirements for your business?

An alternative option with additional water consumption insights for your business is automatic meter readers (AMR).

Solution featuresAutomatic meter readerLimpet reader
Accurate meter readingsYesYes
Regular trackable dataYesYes
Avoid skipped readingsYesYes
Hourly water consumptionYesNo
Automatic leak alertsYesNo
Water efficiency & tracking reportsYesNo
Set consumption alarmsYesNo
Compatibility *Pulsed metersAlmost any meter

Ready to install a Limpet Reader?

Limpet readers are quick and easy to install and can be up and running in 15 minutes.

To talk to us today about installing Limpet readers in your business by calling our experienced team on 01250 718718 or email

We’re available Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm.

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