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You may think changing is difficult, but it couldn’t be easier.

Castle Water is helping businesses throughout the UK change water supplier.

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You may be in a position where you are not happy with your current water company or believe that the services you are receiving don’t reflect the cost. Changing water supplier is much easier than you may think. Castle Water helps businesses from all industries, regardless of size or volume used, switch suppliers and get a better deal on bills.

If you would like to change, Castle Water can provide assistance every step of the way.

Changing water supplier?

You may have been led to believe that changing suppliers is going to be lengthy and resource-intensive. Not only can you change business water supplier, it is a very easy process with the help of the Castle Water customer service team. Whenever businesses switch, we look after as much of the paperwork and communication as possible. It helps our team know that the transition will go smoothly, and your former provider won’t cause any problems which delay a switch.

If your business is split across locations or has multiple units billed separately (and through different companies), you can streamline with help from Castle Water. We undertake consolidated billing optimisation to reduce the load on paying water bills and ensure that respectable tariffs reflect similar usage across multiple locations.

If you would like to consider switching water supplier but wouldn’t know who your supplier is, Castle Water can help. Learn how we can help you figure out who your current supplier is and enable the first steps in making a switch here.

If you have any questions at all about finding out who your current supplier is, let our water experts help you.

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