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Business water management systems

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Our business water management systems

Our services go beyond simply handling business water and wastewater; they are designed to help businesses minimise costs associated with day-to-day water usage and wastewater treatment.

Our systems include advanced sensors and monitoring solutions that provide real-time insights into water usage. With precision, you can identify potential issues, such as leaks or inefficient treatment processes, allowing for fast intervention.

Water Smart Meter

Automatic meter reading (AMR)

Our Automatic Meter Reading technology ensures accurate monitoring of business water consumption. 

AMR allows meter readings to take place while you focus on running your business, so you’re still receiving accurate readings without the need for manual readings. 

This not only saves you time and effort but also ensures precise billing based on your actual consumption.

How our management systems work

Our water management systems turns your average water usage into easy-to-digest data, which our account managers can utilise to put together comprehensive water management plans and bespoke solutions that is tailored to you.

You can also use the insights we offer in real time to pull back on water usage if you’re using to much, identify leaks, or to spot areas for improvement yourself.

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Consolidated billing

Streamline your financial management with our consolidated billing service, which eliminates the need to manage multiple bills for different locations or meters. Instead, we provide you with a single, straightforward invoice that simplifies the billing process.

This helps you track expenses more efficiently and reduces administrative complexity.


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Your online portal

Our customer portal gives you live updates and detailed insights into your water usage patterns. 

We can take this data and use it to put together a water management strategy, with valuable information that helps you to identify opportunities for cost savings in real time. 

Our user portal provides the convenience you need to manage your business water effectively.

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