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Automatic Meter Reading

Saving our customers thousands from water leakage and wastage issues.

We understand that business owners are busy people, and don’t always have time on their hands to submit manual readings, but at the same time could benefit massively from reduced business water bills. Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) takes out the hassle and also handles the insights required for us to get you the best possible water rates.

What is Automatic Meter Reading?

AMR is a remote reading device that attaches to your existing water meter. It regularly submits accurate water meter readings directly to your water retailer, keeping your bills up-to-date and removing the task of manual readings. But the best feature of AMR is the analytics it provides to help improve efficiency and lower costs. It can also identify leaks, so you can act fast to minimise damage, costs, and downtime. You can view and track all the collected data in user friendly charts and graphs by logging in to your AMR portal. 

AMR provides round-the-clock, real-time information about your water consumption – at the click of a mouse. You’ll also receive regular usage reports, alerting you early to any unusual consumption, so you can act fast to detect and repair any leaks.

Installing Automatic Meter Reading

We work in partnership with our industry-leading partner Metering Technology Solutions (MTS) to offer Automatic Meter Reading to our customers. MTS has extensive experience of installing AMR equipment for a broad range of businesses and organisations. 

AMR takes less than an hour to install, without impinging on normal operations. 

MTS will arrange installation at your convenience. Your installation technician will give you operating instructions in person, and details of simple online tutorials to help you get the most out of your AMR portal.

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Know more, spend less

The AMR device collects data about your consumption patterns that you can easily track through your online portal, enabling you to start saving water and money.

Save water and money

Set consumption alarms

Protect the environment

Avoid potentially damaging leaks

Significant savings

The objective: To reduce water consumption across the organisation’s property portfolio as part of its environmental and sustainability commitments. 

A successful trial of AMR at ten of the police force’s largest water consumption sites identified a variety of opportunities for improved water efficiency. An unexpected continuous consumption that indicated leaks and/or unaccounted usage was also uncovered. Further analysis revealed several sites with historic billing issues and incorrect standing charges.

The result: In total, savings of almost £40,000 were achieved, accounting for 10% of their annual water spend.

Due to the success of the trial the police force installed AMR across their entire estate, and a total of 62 water meters were fitted with AMR at the sites across the South of England.

In total, savings of almost £40,000 were achieved, accounting for 10% of their annual water spend. A return on the total investment was achieved in just one year and the police force has already exceeded its own financial and environmental targets for reducing water consumption.

AMR cut £40,000 from our customers annual water bill

Ready to install AMR?

Castle Water and its partners have a great record on swift installation which result in useful and readily available insights which will save you money.

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