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Get all the business water help you need on the Castle Water portal

Whether it’s a billing issue, or a request for emergency supplies, the Castle Water portal has you covered. 

Our help centre ensures you’re fully equipped to handle any business water  or water meter related issue, and will make sure you get to the right parties, be it our billing team, an external contractor, or your wholesaler. 

Working with Castle Water to make sure that the right contingencies are in place, and to keep your bills as accurate as possible.

Report issues to us

Report billing issues to us, and let us know if there are issues with supplies. Our team will help you with bespoke guidance and assistance with your water bills should there be an issue with supply.

We’re on-hand, but most of our guidance is also available through our portal.

Get help with: 

Burst Main
Emergency Supply
Loss of Water
No Running Water
Surface Water Drainage
Water Incidents
Water Running Brown
Who Supplies My Water

Bill help

If you are struggling to understand your water bill, or if something seems off, make sure to get your bill validated by our experts. We can help you understand your bill, and will be able to identify if something is wrong, and how to make smooth payments. Our bill help resources:

Your bill explained
Wholesaler queries and requests
Useful resources
Moving premises


When to report issues elsewhere 

Repairs to water infrastructure will often fall under your regional wholesaler. Smaller repairs may require an outside contractor.

You should let us know if there is an outage, as that may impact your billing, but when there are issues such as a burst water main, or localised water discoloration, you should get in touch with your wholesaler immediately. 

Affinity Water

0345 357 2407

Albion Water

0800 917 5819

Anglian Water & Hartlepool

0800 145 145

Bournemouth Water

01202 590 059

Bristol Water

0345 702 3797

Cholderton & District Water

07437 445 863

Essex & Suffolk

0345 717 1100

Northumbrian Water

0345 717 1100

Portsmouth Water

0239 244 9081 /

0239 247 7999

Scottish Water

0800 077 8778

Severn Trent Water

0800 783 4444

South East Water (6am to 10pm Mon –  Sun)

0333 000 0018

South East Water (out of hours)

0333 000 0365

Southern Water

0330 303 0368

South Staffs Water

0330 123 0116

South West Water

0344 406 8053

Sutton & East Surrey Water

01737 772000

Thames Water

0800 316 9800

United Utilities

0345 672 3723

Wessex Water

0345 600 4600

Yorkshire Water

0333 414 9040

Contingency planning 

When your business has a dependence on water, it should have emergency planning in place.

Make the switch to the UK’s largest independent business water supplier. We will ensure that key contingencies in place, and the right guidance is provided should there be a water supply issue

Reach out to a member of the Castle Water team today.