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No Running Water

If you are already a Castle Water customer, please log into your account on the portal to raise issues regarding water supply or disruption.

Working alongside our partners, our process ensures that contingencies are already in place to minimise the impact on billing, and that you are kept informed throughout the resolution process. We prioritise transparent communication, providing updates on the status of the issue.

Causes Of Water Disruption

Common causes include water main breaks, pipeline leaks, maintenance activities, or even natural events like severe weather conditions. In urban areas, ageing infrastructure and increased demand may contribute to disruptions in the water supply.

Castle Water can help you identify these key causes, allowing us to address potential disruptions for you before they impact the water supply.


Whether it’s a small leak or a large loss of supply, we’re on hand to help. We will make sure that any incidents are addressed promptly and without any unnecessary expenses

Report No Running Water To Castle Water

If you find yourself experiencing a disruption in your water supply, reporting it to Castle Water is the first step towards a quick and efficient resolution.

We ensure that essential details are captured promptly. You can contact us through our emergency helplines, and can also use our emergency directory to reach. Your water network owner, who will often take charge on more large-scale water outages

Please note: it is also vital to contact your water network owner, as they will typically take lead on larger repairs such as a burst water main

Find The Services You Need At Castle Water 

Work closely with Castle Water’s dedicated support team to proactively detect, prevent, and repair any business water damage. Our expert team is equipped to provide assistance, ensuring the integrity of your water infrastructure. 

Whether you require emergency assistance or have general inquiries, Castle Water is here for you. Reach out to us today through our emergency helplines for immediate support.

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