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Working alongside our specialist partners, we can advise and assist you in finding the right solution for treating any wastewater that cannot be discharged in to the sewer.

Whether you are a small business which typically uses less than 6000m³ of water per year or a multi-site company which produces a very high volume of wastewater, Castle Water can provide you with the right knowledge and expertise you need to find the best solution for your business.

We are the UK’s leading independent water supplier, advising our customers on wastewater treatment services across a range of different business sectors. More and more people are choosing Castle Water because of our market leading expertise in waste and trade effluent.


Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

Why Are Trade Effluent Treatments Important for Businesses?

Trade effluent treatment is indispensable for several reasons. As businesses engage in industrial processes, they generate liquid waste containing various contaminants that, if not properly treated, can harm the environment and pose regulatory risks. 

Effective trade effluent treatment ensures compliance with local regulatory standards, preventing legal consequences and penalties. It also safeguards public health by minimising the release of harmful substances into water bodies. 

Additionally, investing in trade effluent treatment contributes to corporate responsibility, sustainability efforts, and the overall well-being of the community. 

By responsibly managing industrial wastewater, businesses can mitigate environmental impact and enhance their reputation as socially and environmentally conscious entities.

Here are some of the specific treatments that you may need, depending on the industry that you operate in:

Ammonia treatment
Biological treatment
Bod & Cod treatment
Chemical treatment
Chlorine treatment
Grit treatment
Nitrogen treatment
Ozone treatment
Primary treatment
Reverse Osmosis treatment
Zinc treatment

Why Choose Castle Water?

There are many UK-based companies which offer water treatment services. However, many of these businesses do not have the background in water efficiency and management which naturally lends itself to providing an all-round better service.

  • To Save Money – By choosing a suitable treatment solution, we can assist you in avoiding any extra costs further down the line.
  • To Increase Efficiency – Working with us to find the best solutions for wastewater will empower you in optimising your processes, and in turn becoming more efficient, with a more joined up view of water, wastewater and energy.
  • To Get Peace of Mind – Just knowing that your water treatment is being handled by professional solutions we recommend, will allow you to focus on running your business.
  • To Help the Environment – By ensuring your wastewater is properly managed through our recommended solutions, your business can ensure compliancy and reduce its impact on the environment.