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Ammonia Treatment

There are treatments that are is specifically designed to address the challenges posed by ammonia, a common nitrogen compound found in effluents within industrial and agricultural settings. 

Castle Water offers tailored billing services for those who require more sophisticated treatment processes that are needed to effectively remove and mitigate the impact of ammonia on water bodies. Our specialised team looks to do so while providing the best possible business water rates. 

Start handling your trade effluent proactively, with better billing for your wastewater treatments from Castle Water. 

Why Do Businesses Ammonia Treatment for Wastewater?

There are many reasons why industrial companies & businesses require ammonia treatments for their wastewater, including:

Environmental Impact

Ammonia, if left untreated, can have severe environmental repercussions. It contributes to nutrient pollution, leading to algal blooms and oxygen depletion in water bodies, adversely affecting aquatic ecosystems. Ammonia treatment is essential to curb these environmental hazards and maintain the balance of aquatic environments.

Regulatory Compliance

Meeting UK regulatory standards is a paramount consideration for businesses. Ammonia treatment ensures compliance with environmental regulations, avoiding potential legal consequences and penalties. By investing in effective treatment, businesses demonstrate commitment to responsible wastewater management.


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