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Multi premises water management

Multi-site business water customers

If you have multiple business premises, we can also make life simpler with one consolidated bill and one set of payment terms for all sites.

This service is ideal for large, multi-meter and multi-site customers who wish to receive a single invoiced amount for all their water and wastewater charges, requiring just one single monthly payment.

Save time and money with one simple bill

We can provide multi premises water management, with one simple and easy to read consolidated bill. We'll also provide sector-specific advice for all of our multi-site business customers, ensuring they aren’t overspending on their bills. Consolidated billing for multi-site business owners can cover:

water leak

Business water



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Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

Trade effluent for industrial and multi-site customers

Multi-premises business water management, also known as multi-site water management, is a service offered to businesses with multiple locations or premises. 

It involves the centralised management of water accounts, consumption data, and billing for multiple sites or properties.

The benefits of multi-premises business water management include cost savings, as businesses can identify opportunities to reduce water usage across properties, optimise tariffs, and lower overall water-related costs.

Additionally, you can improve on efficiency with streamlined processes and centralised billing to make it easier to manage water and provide a bespoke plan to improve consumption in each site.

Small businesses

Water management for small to medium businesses

Large businesses

Water management for large businesses

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