At Castle Water we’re committed to providing businesses with great-value water services. We’re proud to be an independent retailer with no ties to traditional water network owners, which means we can fight for cost reductions while offering quality customer care.

Since we launched in 2014, we’ve become one of the leading water suppliers in England, Scotland and Wales. We deliver all our customer services directly from our Perthshire headquarters, working closely with businesses, charities and public bodies to provide honest, straightforward and individually tailored management of every account.

Businesses use millions of gallons of water every day, but we focus on helping our customers use only what they need, while giving free advice about saving water. Our industry-leading partners are also on hand to offer additional water-efficiency services. We’re clear on our corporate responsibility too, working with Save The Children to support its emergency fund, so children caught up in emergencies can access safe, clean drinking water.

We love what we do and we’ll continue to shake up the water business with our customer-focused approach and fair prices.

Castle Water is the UK’s leading independent business water supplier, providing water and wastewater services to hundreds of thousands of businesses, charities and public bodies in England and Scotland. We are licensed by Ofwat and The Water Industry Commission for Scotland (WICS).

Open water market

If you have a business in England or Scotland, you can take advantage of the open water market. With deregulation, businesses are no longer restricted to buying from local water boards or Network Owners. All businesses, regardless of size, can now choose their water and wastewater supplier – similar to the way you choose your energy or telecoms supplier. You can find out more about the open water market at: The open water market applies to business customers only.

The UK’s leading independent business water supplier

Castle Water offers services to any type of business or organisation located anywhere in the UK. Unlike many water suppliers, we are not associated with any of the UK’s traditional Water Network Owners. We are wholly independent and have an excellent track record of working proactively with Network Owners to give you the right service at the right price.

Our services

As your water supplier, we provide a range customer services including:

  • Automatic meter reading
  • Consolidated billing
  • Flexible payment options
  • Water efficiency advice
  • UK-based customer services

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