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Biological Treatment Of Wastewater

Businesses need to take every measure necessary to ensure biological wastewater treatment is carried out safely and with confidence. For many businesses, the handling of materials can sometimes be confusing and prone to errors (along with potential fines) if not followed carefully.

In particular, biological wastewater treatment is one area which many companies tend to overlook as they believe it is challenging to implement effectively. Castle Water can help any company with this specific area of water treatment by helping your business work with biological water treatment specialists. No matter what industry you are in, Castle Water’s specialist partners can help.

Our Specialist Biological Water Treatment Services

Some of the more specific areas customers can make use of include:

  • Biological filtration water treatment
  • Biological nitrogen removal from wastewater
  • Solids treatment
  • Chargeable strength

You can see out the full range of treatments here.

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Benefit from Biological Wastewater Treatment today 

Many businesses which get in touch are surprised to learn how much money can be saved by following the processes our partner specialists plan out. That, on top of the improved billing Castle Water provides, can help your business save much more money in the long-term.

If you would like to know more about wastewater management, please click here. And if you would like to talk with someone from the customer service team, call us directly on 01250 718700. Lines are open during office hours Monday-Friday.


Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

Helping avoid common Biological Wastewater problems

With the effort involved in treating certain aspects of removal, an example being biological removal of nitrogen from wastewater, businesses sometimes shy away from dealing with treatment head-on. Castle Water can match you with one of our specialist partners who will ease concerns and highlight the most accessible paths towards waste treatment with an individual business plan in place.

Why Choose Castle Water?

Castle Water understands that every business will have its own way of using and disposing of water. That can sometimes create unique problems when looking at how materials are handled and what the optimal treatment is. For example, a food processing facility may use the same level of water as a manufacturing facility, but obviously, both will produce quite varied materials; be that through the need for biological nitrogen removal or biological treatment of dairy wastewater.

Businesses throughout the UK are talking to Castle Water because:

  • Our specialist partners help businesses meet environmental standards.
  • Companies can employ low effort biological water treatments.
  • Companies can make changes with minimal disruption.
  • Our team can help businesses in all sectors.
  • Our top-rated customer support makes us a leading UK supplier.

Castle Water is also here to help businesses looking to improve their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). If you have goals to become more responsive to wastage, our team may be able to help.