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Why We're the Cheapest
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Castle Water is committed to getting its customers the best possible rates on business water, we have a wide range of partners and management strategies that help businesses, large and small receive accurate, reliable rates that makes water usage an afterthought, rather than a worry.

If you switch to our services, you’ll see why we’re able to save UK businesses up to 80% on their business water fixed charges.

Here’s how we do it

We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to getting better business water rates. From where your business is located, to the size of a commercial premises, to the type of pipes you have there are numerous factors that need to be taken into account.

That’s where we thrive. We are a team of UK-based specialists, who understand the UK water market, have vital connections with wholesalers and brokers, and have the required experience to get you a quote that ticks every box that your business needs to tick.

Our approach to business water includes the following key steps:

Finding the best fixed charges 

Castle Water can help businesses save up to 80% on fixed charges. Through our transparent process, we will ensure that your fixed rates are as low as they can be. We’ll do so while making sure that you are receiving all the water and wastewater services you need for regulatory compliance.

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Getting the right contingencies in place

Things sometimes go wrong, and it’s a hassle. Ideally, you wouldn’t want it to be an expensive hassle. When costly issues such as leaks or supply disruptions occur, make sure that you have the right contingencies in place.

Optimising your consumption 

While we take care of the fixed charges, Castle Water can also help you keep your volumetric bills down with tailored guidance. We’ll also provide accurate, real-time insight into your consumption, so that you know exactly when you’re over – or under – using.

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Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

What we need from you

All we need from you is some information on your business. Get a quote using our online tool and from there we can provide more business-tailored business support.

Industry-specific care, across the country

Castle Water serves businesses of all sizes in both Scotland and England. Whether you’re a small hairdresser, or a large multi-site construction firm which requires bespoke trade effluent quotes, we have you covered. 

As we serve businesses up and down the country, we also offer local guidance, and have relations with the regional wholesalers in your area.

Switch to Castle Water 

Make the switch to the UK’s largest independent business water supplier. We will ensure that your supply is as cheap as it should be, with no unnecessary fixed costs, key contingencies in place, and bespoke guidance to improve water consumption.

Reach out to a member of the Castle Water team today.

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