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Castle Water helps businesses across England get the solutions they need from their commercial water suppliers. We can help you reduce your water bills and decrease water consumption through greater water efficiency, and also help you reduce wastewater.

Whether you’re a small company starting out and need help with understanding business water rates or have a large multi-site company looking for big savings on water, we can help with all facets of water usage. As one of the leading water companies in England, we will look after every aspect of your business water supply and help ensure that there are no hiccups.

Serving Businesses in England

With hundreds of thousands of businesses in England needing direct access to water every day, it is vital that your business not only avoids interruption to service but also knows you’re getting the best deal possible on your business water bills.

Our retail services help businesses from Newcastle upon Tyne to Penzance control their water management, take care of sewerage services and ensure wastewater treatment is in line with local statutory regulations and, most importantly, allows businesses to save money by consolidating water bills and implementing smart meter reading across all sites.

Why Choose Castle Water?

With no ties to traditional network owners, we can fight for cost reductions while offering quality customer care. Unlike other water companies in England that tend to bundle businesses into tariffs that don’t reflect the way they use their water, we understand the fact that business uses water in their own unique way.

Our main aim when working with any business is first to help you get a clear picture of what water and wastewater services you’ll need and which current services could be better developed. Your water efficiency is important to the health of your business as well as to the health of the planet.

Currently servicing more than 350,000 customers, we’re proud of the savings we’ve delivered.


Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

That’s why we have a range of core services for business customers, which include:

  • Business water supply
  • Controlled water management
  • Wastewater management & effluent services
  • Water treatment
  • Water efficiency
  • Smart water metering
  • Emergency water services
  • Improved water billing

Where Your Water Comes from Matters

Do you know exactly where your business water supply comes from? Understanding the water journey and where your local resources are is an underappreciated area or water control.

For example, knowing if your local reservoir is going to have essential maintenance overnight may not have any effect on a business based in an office, but if you run a company that uses water at night for industrial purposes, you need to have a plan in place that doesn’t disrupt business.

Castle Water can help with an emergency water supply and keep you up to date with real-time alerts in your area.

Water Solutions for English Businesses 

Water serves a unique purpose for any business. Those in the hospitality sector will have a completely different need for water than a food processing facility.

The freedom English business owners have to choose their water supplier has enabled customers to come to us and get industry-specific advice on water solutions; whether it is getting help with trade effluents, establishing new connections or wastewater management.

Better Water Billing for English Businesses

Many businesses don’t know where to begin when it comes to having better control of water bills. We wish lowering costs could be as simple as turning a tap off, but there are smarter ways to save in the long-term.

Castle Water develops plans that use smart meter reading, consolidated billing and water efficiency techniques so English business owners make savings they already should be with their water bills.

A Water Company that Works with You

You never need to feel like getting in touch with us about your business water account is a chore. We have more 5-star Trustpilot reviews than all other water retailers combined thanks to our award-winning customer service team. The UK-based team work directly with customers to ensure their business water needs are being met.

As one of the highest-rated business water suppliers on Trustpilot, you can rest assured that our customer service operators will try and provide the solution you need as quickly as possible.

Water Supply by City

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