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Sunderland is a city which has always changed with the times. Look at areas down by the river, or around Stadium Village, and you can see how the city is ever-evolving. Many businesses though find themselves stuck in the past when looking at the problem of water bills consistently increasing, with no evident reasons why.

Castle Water is helping businesses in the area gain access to improved water services, understand where changes can be made, and (most importantly) get your business placed on the tariff it deserves to be.

Business owners can quickly get an idea of how much can be saved by using Castle Water’s instant quote tool. With just a few quick details, our customer service will be in touch to discuss ways you can start saving on bills.

Switching Water Retailing in Sunderland

What do you expect from your business water provider? If your only relationship with them is the bill coming through the post, your provider is doing the disservice of not helping your business improve.

Castle Water helps by highlighting areas any company may be using incorrectly, and which services could be better developed. Click here to switch to us today.


Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

Castle Water supports businesses across the country. Here are some of the services we help businesses across the North East with include:

Many of these services can be the start of long-term savings and a better knowledge of water management for staff.

Where Sunderland Businesses get Water From

The city may sit at the mouth of the River Wear, but it isn’t where Sunderland sources the thousands of litres the populations use every single day.

Sunderland sits within the Central Zone of the Kielder Zone. The Kielder Water reservoir up in Kielder forest supplies the majority of water for the North East. Water can come directly from the reservoir, or be transferred from other local treatment works to meet demand, and accounts for the majority of the water used.

Water can also come from aquifers near Berwick and Fowberry, where water filters through limestone into large underground pools before being drained back out.

Like much of the region, the city has hard water.

Water Solutions for Sunderland Businesses

Local businesses in Sunderland should always expect the best service possible for the price they pay. Whether you’re running a café, restaurant, bar, bakery or small shop, Castle Water can help you get placed on a better deal which could see long-term savings. Those in areas like Ayre’s Quay, Sunniside and East End are just a short call away from making the switch and saving.

Anyone running a small business in the area should visit our section on water management for SMEs.

Better Water Billing for Large Businesses

Sunderland is also home to larger companies which work at dedicated facilities further out of town. Many of these locations go through large amounts of water every week, whether through processing or as wastewater.

Castle Water specialises in working with larger businesses who expect improved water efficiency services when dealing with larger quantities of water.

If you’re operating what would be deemed a larger business, please visit our large business water management section. And for anyone specifically interested in dealing with trade effluent, please click here.

Have a business in Sunderland? Get in Touch

Running a business in Sunderland want to see water bills at a level you’ll be happy with? Considering switching?

If you’re based in the Tyne & Wear area, please call us today on 01250 718 700. Lines are open weekdays from 8 am.