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Business Water Billing Services

Understand the components of your latest water bill, including service charges and usage, for clear and informed financial planning. Review and comprehend past billing details to track water usage trends and costs over time, ensuring accuracy and consistency in billing.

We offer a wide range of resources and support, ensuring that our customers fully understand how much water bills should be – whether they’re a small business or own numerous premises. 

Our knowledgeable teams are always ready to assist with any billing queries, ensuring your queries and concerns are addressed. 

We understand that water billing can be complex, especially for businesses that have varied water usage across different sites. Learn the various payment methods available for settling your water bill conveniently, including online, phone, or postal options.

Our array of online resources and tools designed to demystify your water bill. These include detailed guides explaining each component of the bill, from basic service charges to volumetric rates, ensuring transparency in how your charges are calculated.

Water bill guidance with Castle Water includes

“Castle Water offers fair, transparent charging. You can see unit rates in our bills, and if you are not with Castle you can get an online quote, which shows the unit prices you will be charged (which are amended annually in line with regulatory requirements), and you can manage your account entirely online. In addition, with our unique Customer in Control tariff you can pay entirely in arrears with bills based on meter reads which you provide monthly.” John Reynolds OBE, CEO and Founder.

Business water meter services

Castle Water aims to get customers the best rates available to them, no matter the industry that they operate in, and no matter who their wholesaler is. Because of that, we urge our customers to ensure that they are either regularly submitting water meter readings, or are taking advantage of our Automatic Meter Reading. Have a look at our metering services and insights:

Keep on top of billing with an interactive portal where customers can view and manage their accounts online.

This user-friendly system allows you to track your water usage, view past bills, and make payments conveniently, offering a comprehensive overview of your water expenses at your fingertips.

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Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

Smooth, trustworthy business water billing

At Castle Water, we are committed to not just supplying water but also empowering our customers with the knowledge and tools to manage their water usage effectively. We believe in building a partnership with our customers, one where clarity, support, and efficiency are at the forefront of our service. Get a quote from us today.

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