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Business Water Meter FAQs

From automatic meter reading to where we will fit a new meter meter in your business, here are your water meters questions answered. 

Why is it important to submit regular meter readings?

We use your meter readings to calculate your bills to help ensure your business only pays for the water being used. Submitting a meter reading may be additionally important for customers with a reduction in water consumption, to help reflect a change in water usage in your bills. For some customers, usage can fluctuate significantly – for instance farms.

When should I access my meter?

Only attempt to read your meter if you are confident that the location is safe and taking a reading is not considered a health and safety issue.

What should I do if my meter display is hard to see?

If the display is hard to see, reach inside the chamber lid with a mobile phone camera and take a picture.

What if my meter chamber is flooded?

If the chamber if flooded, contact our metering team and we’ll arrange one of our engineers to visit your business premises.

How much will a meter cost?

The cost of having a meter fitted will depend on your location, and the size of the meter required. In some cases, it may be free of charge. To find out more fill in this form and a member of our team will contact you shortly.

How do I take a reading if my meter display is dirty or fogged up?

If the glass display is dirty or fogged up, use a sponge on a sturdy stick to clean the glass.

What are the benefits of having a water meter installed?

We require a meter reading for your business premises so that we can bill your account accurately. A meter also allows you to monitor your water usage. If you do not have a water meter and would like to enquire about getting one installed, please contact us.

Where will you fit the meter?

Wherever possible - this is sometimes inside your business premises on the supply pipe close to your stop tap. Occasionally they are placed on the outside edge of the property boundary. The installation of a meter will be subject to a survey by the water wholesaler responsible for the water and waste networks in your area.

What if you can’t install the meter?

There are some properties where it might not be possible for us fit a water meter at all. The water wholesaler in your area will determine alternative options.

How do I get Automatic Meter Reading?

Automatic Meter Reading can be particularly beneficial for larger customers with complex sites, particularly if your meter is hard to reach (for example farms), your site is prone to leaks or water usage is difficult to control (for example universities). Castle Water has framework partners who we can put you in touch with in order to help you get set up with AMR. We can either communicate with these companies on your behalf or put you in touch with them directly.

When will you read my meter?

Castle Water will take at least one meter reading each year. You can also submit a meter reading at any time through our portal.


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