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Transactions Glossary

Make sure you understand your bill and your monthly rates. You may find one or more of the entries below on your invoice.

Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) Install/Rental Charge

This charge covers the cost of the installation of advance metering service equipment. This charge may include the cost of the device, the cost to fit it, and the cost of software (to enable us to gather supply usage data).

Failed Direct Debit Charge

This charge is applied if there is a failed Direct Debit payment on your part due to, for example, insufficient funds.

Meter Reading Charge

This charge is for any additional meter readings requested (to be taken by Castle Water) in addition to the minimum number of meter readings that we are required to undertake per year under The Market Code.

Guaranteed Standards Scheme (GSS) Payment

Any payment due under the Guaranteed Standards Scheme.

Leakage Allowance

Castle Water will apply a Leakage Allowance to an account where the Wholesaler has granted this allowance following the repair of a leak and a successful application by the customer.

Administration Charge

This charge is in connection with services provided by the Wholesaler or procured for customers by the Wholesaler, where there is no specified Retail charge.

Cashback Rewards Scheme

Customers who have signed up to the ‘Cashback50’ campaign and/or chosen to switch to pay by Direct Debit, will receive £50 credit to their Castle Water account as per the campaign Terms and Conditions. Rewards will be provided following the first successful Direct Debit payment.

Trade Effluent Application Charge

This charge is for an application for consent to discharge Trade Effluent.

Trade Effluent Short Term Consent Charge

Castle Water will pass on any wholesale and administration charges based on (or estimated to cover) the output under your Short-Term Consent to discharge Trade Effluent.

Trade Effluent Sampling Analysis Charge

This charge is for any sample analysis undertaken in connection with your existing Trade Effluent consent.

Meter verification and/or Supply Arrangement Verification Charge

This is a charge for analysis work carried out to verify the supply arrangement and/or meter(s) at the supply address. This charge will include an administration fee and the applicable wholesaler charge for this service.

Meter Accuracy Test Charge

This is a charge to cover the cost of testing your meter and is inclusive of the analysis required to verify the accuracy of your meter, together with any site visit, administration, and wholesale charges. These charges may be waived if the meter is found to be registering inaccurate data.


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