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From Logic Lane to the Oxford Business Park, hundreds of businesses make up Oxford. With companies working out of historic buildings, sleek new developments and everything in between, the water needs of those businesses are as diverse as their locations.

Castle Water supports businesses across the country and is a expert in helping businesses navigate how they can get the most from their water. If you have never considered, or even knew that you could switch water suppliers you might be surprised at how much you could be saving.

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Switch Water Suppliers in Oxford

Every business owner wants their business to run efficiently and effectively. We make sure to turn off lights when not in use, do our best to streamline processes and ensure we are getting the best deal on things like power and the internet.

When it comes to water though what are your options? With a water company switch to Castle Water, one of the first things to happen will be a water audit. Once complete we will have a clear picture of your water usage and will be able to make suggestions that could bring instant improvements.


Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

Our services don’t stop there, you can also take advantage of:

Where Oxford Businesses get Water From

What does the weather have to do with where you get your water from? Well, quite a lot. The South of England, in general, relies heavily on rainfall to provide everyone with the water they need. More than half of the water in Oxford comes from rivers while the rest comes from underground reservoirs, also known as aquifers. The rain is what refills these aquifers.

During particularly dry spells these underground supplies can run low. When water is plentiful the extra is stored in man-made reservoirs where water is safely held before being processed for you and your business.

Water Solutions for Oxford Businesses

The potential for water to run low in the Oxford area is a very real threat which is why the contingency planning services that Castle Water offers are a vital way of ensuring your business can keep running whatever the weather, and water levels.

Understanding your options when it comes to all things water-related can save you a serious amount of money too.

Better Water Billing for Large Businesses

Some businesses mainly use water to keep their employees in fresh cups of tea. As integral as tea can be to the smooth running of a company you might have significantly more important uses for water in your line of work!

Does your business create copious amounts of wastewater or need procedures in place to safely deal with trade effluent? Perhaps you operate multiple sites. Castle Water can help bigger Oxford businesses to simplify water bills with consolidated billing and even smart meters that precisely measure water usage and make estimated bills a thing of the past.

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