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Running a business in the middle of Cambridge or the Cambridgeshire area and feel your water bills don’t reflect what you use? Castle Water is helping companies in the area make improvements that are slashing bills.

A long time ago, King Henry 1st allowed Cambridge to control trade along the river, creating a monopoly of sorts in what used to be a quaint market town. Many companies in the area don’t need to feel like they are stuck with their current water company though. Castle Water is helping businesses of all sizes get to grip with bills and improve water efficiency.

Helping Businesses in Cambridge

With over 46,000 businesses in Cambridgeshire, there are a lot of people who don’t know that they could be improving water use and reducing wastewater every day. Castle Water supports businesses across the country of all sizes in the area to improve current usage, shift the reliance on estimated billing and (most importantly) bring water bills down.

Change Water Company in Cambridge

When was the last time your water company wanted to see you saving water, or actively want to bring your bill down? At Castle Water, we believe that businesses have to act responsibly with their water and avoid waste where possible. It can seem hard but getting it under control is simple when you have a team like ours at hand to help. Switching is easy as Castle Water takes care of everything for you, ensuring that there is no interruption to your water services.


Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

There is a range of services we provide business customers in the Cambridge area, some of which include:

Where businesses in Cambridge gets Water from

Ever ran the tap and wondered how the water got there? For most of Cambridge, water is sourced from aquifers in the south of the county, in areas like Balsham and Melbourn.

Water is drained from vast reserves after filtering down through chalk aquifer, before being treated and making its way to you.

Because of the rock composition of the aquifer in the area, you’d expect to find hard water.

Water Solutions for Small Businesses in Cambridge

We know that many of the smaller businesses throughout Cambridge, especially as you get closer to University areas, tend to be service-based. That means water usage will vary throughout the year.

Our team can help small businesses in the area get to grips with efficient methods and auditing, which lowers costs. Some small business can expect to see up to a 20% reduction in bills, especially when installing smart meters.

Water Services for Large Businesses in Cambridge

For many large companies in Cambridgeshire, especially those working in an industrial capacity, they need to ensure trade effluent services are in place, especially when dealing with solids treatment.

We enable large scale businesses and those operating across multiple sites to consolidate billing and improve wastewater management.

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Running a business in Cambridge or the wider county area and want to see if Castle Water can help lower the cost of your bills; both water and energy? Own various separate properties and want to consolidate your bill?

Please get in touch with the team by phone, 8 am-6 pm, Monday to Friday, by calling us on 01250 718700. You can also visit our contact page if you’d like to leave a message and we’ll get back at a time that suits you.