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Castle Water supports businesses across the country Helping businesses of all sizes get a better understanding of their water usage and water rates, Castle Water is showing Birmingham-based businesses how to save money on their bills.

Birmingham has a rich industrial history and is home to many businesses that need to have the best water services possible. A lot of companies though stick with their current water providers because the idea of switching or creating new connections seems tedious and time-consuming; both things that Birmingham businesses who work with Castle Water never have to worry about.

Helping Businesses in Birmingham

With over 40,000 active businesses in the Birmingham area, every day, hundreds of thousands of people need to use a lot of water for a variety of reasons. A lot of that water is unnecessarily wasted and can costs businesses in the long-term.

We help businesses of all sizes get to grips with their water rates and provide proactive solutions that result in better bills. We can help anyone from a small office looking to get connected to a multi-site industrial business that relies on hundreds of litres every day save by switching water provider. Our team has the knowledge of the local area and can point you towards ways your current water usage can be improved.

Switching Water Company in Birmingham

Just like keeping the lights on, using water every day at work shouldn’t be something you have to actively worry about or consider the cost of, especially if you’re in charge of wastewater management in your business.

When we initially talk with companies in the Birmingham area, a common theme is the feeling that current bill rates are high or the meter estimates don’t truly reflect how much water is being used. Since 2017 non-household customers can choose to change their water supplier so they can truly get the best services and save on water and wastewater bills. This is particularly important if you run multiple different locations for your business.

There are many areas that only an expert water supplier can help improve, and that’s just what we do at Castle Water.


Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

There is a range of services we provide as standard to help business customers, some of which include:

Where Your Business’s Water Comes From

Not many people know this, but a lot of the water used in Birmingham comes from the Elan Valley Reservoirs in Wales. That means there is a constant supply which has to make a 73-mile journey to get to your tap.

The effort made to get clean water to you seems complicated but is surprisingly easy. We believe the journey of water bills should be as clear and easy to understand too. Many companies like to muddy the water and make it difficult to understand your water bills and why you owe a certain amount.

Castle Water provides a simple bill that declutters all the unessential information and makes it easier to pay. Our online portal also means you get direct access to payment and don’t have to jump through hurdles.

With our status as a leading water supplier in Birmingham, any business who wants to get a better deal on their business rates can do so with us.

Water Solutions for Birmingham Businesses

Have a bakery in Digbeth that needs to use water early in the morning to get the dough ready? Running a large scale operation in Sparkhill that relies on a seamless water cycle to run smoothly every day? Castle Water is a leading water supplier in England and has the solutions that will see you save faster than you think.

Carrying comprehensive environmental auditing, we can reduce wastage and bring costs down.

Better Water Billing for Large Businesses

For businesses that have multiple locations, split bills can be a nuisance. We can create a consolidated water bill plan that helps improve payments and gives a clearer picture of water usage. Couple this with the wastewater management and trade effluence services we provide and your business will soon start seeing the savings.

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Castle Water is one of the highest-rated business water suppliers in the UK, with nearly 4,000 excellent reviews from satisfied customers. It is much easier to change your water supplier than you might initially think.

Want to become one and see what we can do to improve your business’s water rates? What about your energy rates? Get in touch with our UK based customer care teams by calling us on 01250 718 700. Lines are open weekdays from 8 am.