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Running a business in Portsmouth or somewhere nearby throughout Hampshire? Feel like your business water bills don’t accurately reflect usage? You might want to get in touch with a representative here at Castle Water.

Our team of operators is busy helping local business improve their water services and matching them with better long-term tariffs to bring costs down.

Portsmouth, for its size, has an incredibly dense population. And while that may balloon in the summer months as thousands flock to the seaside, there are hundreds of businesses throughout town and near the A3 which need water to run smoothly every day.

The city may have a strong link to industry and still have a large percentage of businesses working in the docklands, but there are many in the service industry too. This creates a dense area where vastly different businesses all use water in different ways.

Helping Businesses in Portsmouth

While a restaurant in Gunwharf Quay may use water more than the retail outlet next door, many businesses in Portsmouth don’t know they have the freedom to choose whoever they like as their business water provider.

Castle Water is a leading water supplier in England we work with local agents who know the area well and can advise on how businesses should be saving on water bills. By switching water supplier businesses across town can see marked improvements on water bills.

Change Water Supplier in Portsmouth

Understanding and simplicity; these are two tenets Castle Water holds itself by when working with business customers in Portsmouth. It’s our aim to show customers how to improve existing water systems, whether that’s with trade effluence and wastewater, or simply knowing that smart meter reading is needed to demystify estimated bills your current water providers uses.

Businesses in Portsmouth can now improve their understanding of their water usage when they switch water suppliers to Castle Water. Multi-property business owners can also benefit from switching in a multitude of ways. Start by getting a quote today and learn how much you could be saving on your business water bills.


Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

For businesses located in Portsmouth, some of the business water services Castle Water provides include:

It’s best to check out our full range of business water services, as every business uses water in a unique manner.

Where Portsmouth get Water From

You would think that as the UK’s only “island” city that we would use the water surrounding us for daily use. That’s far from the case though. As with other towns on the south coast (even the Isle of Wight) we have to look inland to see where water comes from.

Water can come from one of two sources before it gets to a business. Some will be sourced from the River Itchen, but the majority of water is sourced from groundwater supplies in Bedhampton and Havant.

Because a lot of water comes through the system this way, it has been naturally filtered down through aquifer rock before reaching those underground pools. That is why Portsmouth has hard water.

Water Solutions for Portsmouth’s Independent Businesses

Independent business owners in Portsmouth already have a lot to worry about, and water bills shouldn’t be a concern when the next bill comes in.

 Castle Water supports businesses across the country we work with local businesses to switch suppliers without any interruption to services. If you have a business in the area, use our instant online quote tool to see how much you could save on water bills.

Better Water Billing for Large Businesses

Obviously, there are many large businesses near the docklands that uses hundreds of litres of water every month, and the team can help them see if there’s a chance to lower bills over time.

Castle Water can also offer services to multi-site businesses and those operating warehouses near the M27 and A3. It would be our pleasure to help match you with a local agent who can carry out a water audit of any big business. Their expertise is usually the quickest way to see where instant changes should be implemented to lower usage, and in turn, billings.

Have a business in Portsmouth? Get in Touch

Companies in Portsmouth can see improved water services in no time at all when they make the switch to Castle Water. We can also handle energy suppliers for you too.

Give the team a call on 01250 718 700. Lines are open weekdays from 8 am. If you’re visiting the site during office hours, you can also talk instantly with a team member by clicking the chat icon in the bottom corner of the page.