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Castle Water helps local businesses in Working, and those throughout Surrey and the South-East, get access to better business water services. Helping companies at the heart of the community work with specialist partners, you can expect improved billings and services regardless of industry.

Whether you’re running a business in the middle of town or have a larger facility just by the A3 or M3, Castle Water can help provide your business with services which see commercial water billings fall in line to reflect usage and not estimates.

Helping Businesses in Woking

A lovely part of the country and home to some of the best sights in Surrey, Woking is one of the busiest commuter towns with direct links to London. Many businesses in the area often find they’re paying bills which are equivalent to rates in central London.

It’s our job as a leading business water retailer to get customers the best deal possible on their water bills. By merely switching water supplier, customers can get a rough idea of what savings there are to be made.

Castle Water’s specialist partners also have extensive knowledge of the local water network, which could see your business get a better deal on water bills in the long-term, rather than being locked in an estimated tariff.

Switching Water Supplier in Woking

Any business water retailer should be able to let their customers get on with it and never have to worry about water. Ideally, a business wants to be covered in case of emergency and know that their water company can help with any and all matters.

Your Woking-based business could be benefiting from our water management services and lower bills by switching water supplier to Castle Water. It’s a simple and quick process of which we will take care of while you focus on what really matters: running your business efficiently.


Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

We can help provide additional services such as:

These services provide a comprehensive package for business customers in Woking.

Where Woking Businesses Get Water From

Even with the River Wey nearby, Woking is like many other towns in Surrey which relies on groundwater as its primary water source.

Groundwater sources are large pools usually at least a hundred metres underground, which rely on water to naturally filter down from rivers and rainfall. Water slowly filters through the rocks before reaching these pools, where it is then extracted to a local treatment plant.

There the water is cleaned and tested before entering the local network. Even with nearby reservoirs in Littleton and Stanwell Moor, Woking has what would be considered very hard water.

Water Solutions for Woking Businesses

Castle Water is here to help local businesses of all sizes, be that a salon or café in the town centre, a car wash near Brockwood, or a manufacturing facility just off the M25.

Every business wants to be reassured their water isn’t going to have any interruptions, or that they aren’t being taken for a ride with bills.

Castle Water can help any business in Woking make use of better business water services. We advise anyone in the area looking to bring bills down or looking to assess what metering options are available, see what savings can be made with an instant quote on water bills.

Better Water Services for Large Businesses in Surrey

Get up near Longcross, West Byfleet or Ottershaw, and you’ll find many businesses that work on a national level to get products processed and ready for delivery across the length and breadth of the country.

Castle Water’s specialist partners are helping more prominent companies save money with water efficiency services, especially when working as a multi-site business and not benefitting from consolidated billing.

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Have a business in Woking and feel your water services could be better?

Get in touch with the team at Castle Water to help see if tariffs can come down, and if you can make use of better business water services.

Please call us on 01250 718 700. Lines are open weekdays from 8 am.