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Making the switch and getting a better rate on your water bills couldn’t be easier. Companies in Derby are coming to Castle Water to make it happen. See what working with us can do for your business water bills.

Derby may be as central as you can get in the country, but that doesn’t mean it should be hard for businesses to get a good deal on their water bills.

Castle Water is a leading water supplier in England that is helping businesses in the area improve their water usage and provide solutions which can see business owners get a better grip on their bills.

Helping Businesses in Derbyshire

Derby may have used a lot of water back in the days when the city was a major player in the silk industry, but it doesn’t mean businesses in the area have to have an archaic relationship with their water usage.

Castle Water works with companies in the centre of town, as well as those operating in an industrial capacity off the M1 and M6. Unlike getting surprised by charges on the M6 toll, it’s our mission to help businesses control costs and understand where improvements can be made in their water systems.

Any business in Derbyshire is free to switch water suppliers without any interruption to service, and Castle Water agents can make that happen.

Switching Water Supplier in Derby

Looking after your water bills should be as simple as turning the tap off and on, i.e. you shouldn’t have to think about it at all. Castle Water can make that a reality. If you feel like your bills are higher than they should be and your current provider is not offering comprehensive water services, consider switching to Castle Water to get a thorough assessment of how your business uses water and areas where efficiency could be improved through an audit.

Water audits help businesses see where immediate changes can be made, along with mapping out ways to improve your relationship with water over


Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

Water services we provide businesses in the Derbyshire area include:

Where Derby Businesses get Water From

A large portion of the water Derbyshire uses comes from groundwater and aquifers that are pumped around the county through a network of pipes.

Due to water being sourced this way, you tend to find that Derby has a lot of hard water.

Water Solutions for Businesses in Derby

Running your own business shouldn’t have to revolve around keeping tabs on the water meter endlessly. That’s why we’re helping companies in Litchurch, Derwent, Crewton and the wider area improve their relationship with water.

We also help many commercials businesses in the city centre, which are on the lookout for ways to optimise their water usage and have checks in place to ensure they’re not surprised by future bills.

Better Water Billing for Large Businesses in Derbyshire

When looking at larger companies or businesses that run across multiple sites across Derbyshire, it can be hard to pinpoint areas of water wastage or where improvements can be made.

Castle Water can carry out water audits on your behalf to see if there are instant improvements to be made. You’ll also be able to benefit from automated water meter readings providing a true reflection of usage without relying on estimated tariffs.

Based in Derbyshire? Talk to castle Water

Castle Water prides itself on providing an unparalleled experience for our business customers. It’s how we’ve come to be one of the highest-rated water providers on Trustpilot, with over 4,500 reviews from verified customers.

See how much your business could be saving by making a move and switching to Castle Water. Our phone lines are open from 8 am on weekday mornings. Give us a call on 01250 718 700, and one of the team will be happy to talk to you about what we can do for your company.