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Figures from Norfolk Insight estimate that there were 33,225 registered businesses in Norfolk in 2018, with the figure rising year on year. That equates to a lot of companies needing water for things to run smoothly every day.

Castle Water works with local businesses of all sizes to see where improvements can be made and if better tariffs can be implemented at a fixed rate.

Everyone is allowed to switch water supplier and should not expect any interruption to their regular service. We have local agents who can help you switch seamlessly, why not find out what new services would benefit your business?

Switching Water Supplier in Norfolk

You may remember there was a large water failure in January 2020 for much of the area stretching from Buxton to Keswick. When failures like these happen, businesses can be left in the lurch and not know what is going on. Instances like these call for water contingency plans to be put in place. This is something we provide at Castle Water. No business should have to grind to halt when there’s a water problem.

If this is not something that your current water company is providing, you may want to consider switching to Castle Water to ensure your business is benefitting from the best water services and expert advice. The switching process is completely hassle-free as we handle everything for you, without interruption to your water.


Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

It’s one of the many services we provide business customers in Norfolk, with some of our other popular services including:

Where Norfolk Businesses get Water From

Water in Norfolk can come from one of two sources. We have surface water where water is stored in reservoirs and rivers, before being treated and making its way into the network for usage and consumption. We also have groundwater, where water is pulled up from large underground aquifers, before being treated and sent out.

With this part of the country having a lot of chalk in the ground, which you’ll usually see on the cliffs, this makes for hard water.

Water Solutions for Norfolk’s Small Businesses

Whether you’re operating a café on the coastline in Great Yarmouth or have an office in King’s Lynn, every small business uses water in its own way. Identifying how to improve systems on that micro-level is why Norfolk businesses are switching over to us and seeing better bills in the long-term.

Better Water Billing for Large Businesses

Large businesses will know all too well how vital it is to keep water in check. Whether you’re running a factory off the A11 or have multiple locations across the county where water readings should be similar (but somehow aren’t), Castle Water can help.

With more prominent businesses in Norfolk, we always recommend getting a water audit carried out and getting smart meters installed. This way you’ll have less to worry about, even if you own multiple sites.

Based in Norfolk? Get in Touch

Castle Water is a leading water supplier in England. No matter where in Norfolk you have a business, Castle Water can help. Our customer services team is one of the highest-rated in the country, and they’re waiting to talk to you. Switching water suppliers doesn’t need to be complex, in fact, it is rather easy.

Get an idea of where savings can be made and how to improve internal water systems by calling us on 01250 718 700. Lines are open weekdays from 8 am.