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Castle Water supports businesses across the country. From small shops in Fore Street to cafes and restaurants around North street, to larger companies near the M5, wherever you’re based, your business can benefit from moving to Castle Water.

It is easy to make the switch from your current water supplier without any interruption to service, regardless of what your current retailer states. Our customer service team looks after every aspect of moving provider, so you can get on with running your business.

Switching Water Retailer in Exeter

Castle Water is a name which is more than just what you see at the top of your bill. We aim to help business customers with all water service issues. Exeter has a diverse variety of companies, especially when looking at some of the larger facilities in the area.


Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

This is why our customers can be matched with specialists who can optimise and improve internal systems. Some of the areas our team can help with include:

If these are services you feel your business isn’t currently getting the opportunity to benefit from, please get in touch, and our team will see what can be done to help you switch water supplier.

Where Exeter Businesses get Water From

If you ever believed that water came from the River Exe, then the whole area would be in quite short supply. Exeter is quite lucky in terms of location and how water is sourced. South West Water is the authority which has to provide water for the area, tasked with ensuring water is sourced adequately for every person and business.

Due to where Exeter is located, it has moderately soft water, made possible to the surface water sources much of the area is reliant upon. Water is sourced from reservoirs, rivers, and other natural ground-level sources. Exeter doesn’t usually see much groundwater in the supply unless demand increases and water has to be moved around the network (for example, the middle of the summer).

If you were to draw a cut off line on the M5 east of town and down the A376 towards Exmouth, you’d find water to be much harder. Those living west of town in Kennford, Longdown and towards Dartmoor National Park will find they have very soft water.

Water Solutions for Exeter Businesses

Castle Water is a leading water supplier in England. Local businesses need all the help they can to keep bills down and ensure they can depend on their water without any interruption or problems. If you’re running a business in the centre of town, especially the likes of pubs, café and restaurants which go through a significant amount of water every day, get in touch and see if Castle Water can help.

Companies in the city centre, St Thomas, Exwick and the university area all have the opportunity to switch to Castle Water. Any company could and should be utilising all the tools their water supplier provides. If you’re not happy with your current water company and your recent bills, get an instant quote and see if Castle Water can provide what you’re looking for from a reliable water provider.

Better Water Billing for Large Businesses

For companies based near the A30 or M5, which would be using water continually throughout the day, there are long-term savings to be made. Castle Water puts customers in touch with specialist partners in your area. These are local agents who know how the network operates and what bigger businesses should be doing to lower costs and start acting smart with their water.

Water management for large businesses can help with even the most complex of issues, regardless of which industry your business is in.

Have a Business in Exeter? Get in Touch

Independent business in Exeter can get a better deal on water bills as well as energy bills, and associated services, when they get in touch with Castle Water. If you’re interested in learning more about how to change water company, or what services would prove beneficial for your business, please get in touch by phone on 01250 718 700. Lines are open weekdays from 8 am.

If you’re visiting the site during office hours, you can also click the chat icon in the lower corner of this page to speak to the team directly.