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Businesses in Hatfield can have better water bills and access to a broader range of water services for daily operation when talking to Castle Water. Companies in the area who are matching with Castle Water’s specialist partners can see internal operations improved, water bills lowering in the long-term, and potential water problems fixed before they become an issue.

As one of the driest regions in the country, it helps when any business can avoid water misuse. Whether you run a small salon in the centre of town or have a warehouse by the A1 that works on a national level, how your business uses water daily will have a knock-on effect for bills and efficiency.

Castle Water is helping local businesses in areas like Welwyn Garden City, St Albans, South Mimms and Hoddesdon with their water services. We aim to empower companies on a local level that otherwise wouldn’t have access to a broad range of water services.

Helping Businesses in Hatfield

Hatfield may be directly linked to central London, but that doesn’t mean local businesses should have to pay London rates on their water bills. As something of a commuter town, many companies in the area work in the service and retail industry. That means water usage will vary dramatically depending on what your business does.

Castle Water can help any business with access to specialist agents who know the area exceptionally well and can show when a business is being overcharged for water. Many companies don’t know how easy it is to switch water supplier without interruption, or that automatic meter installation can put a stop to paying unnecessary water.

Switch Business Water Supplier in Hatfield

Castle Water has more 5-star reviews than all other UK water retailers combined. Our approach to handling any business’s relationship with water is more than simply calculating a bill.

If you are looking to switch your business water supplier, then get a quote from Castle Water and start your water supplier switch today. It’s a quick and really simple process that will take no time and from which your business will be greatly benefited.


Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

We find it essential for businesses to make use of as many services as possible which can help internal operation. These include services such as :

If any of these are something you think your business could make use of, please get in touch.

Where Hatfield Businesses Get Water From

Location plays a significant factor in how a town can source water. Hatfield and pretty much all of Hertfordshire is regarded as one of the driest parts of the country. This is in large part due to the lack of streams and rivers that flow through the county.

We rely on groundwater as the primary water source. This is water extracted from large underground pools after the water has filtered down through soil and rocks.

In recent years, drier winters and warmer summer seasons has seen demand on the local system pushed more than ever. That’s why local businesses must know about water supply continuity and contingency planning.

Water Solutions for Hatfield Businesses

Castle Water can help businesses of all sizes with their water consumption, especially if bills are becoming a problem.

Whether you’re based in the middle of town or have a business in the countryside, Castle Water can ensure a business can have better water services. Anyone interested in learning more about bills and costs can get an instant quote on water bills to get a rough idea of what difference Castle Water can create.

Better Water Services for Large Businesses in Hatfield

With the M1 so close by, there are several larger local businesses which operate on a national scale. Whether they’re focussed on processing or manufacturing, Castle Water can help with wastewater management (something many companies are billed too highly for) and instances where multi-site businesses may not be utilising improved billing options.

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Castle Water is here to help make water easy to understand. Please call us today on 01250 718 700. Lines are open weekdays from 8 am.

Our team is ready to answer questions on the business services we provide, and what the benefits of switching over are for your company.